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Literature Bora Ring Poem Analysis

What does ‘the dance is secret with the dances in Earth ‘mean?
The fundamental meaning of this line relates to the unique identity and belonging that all humans have, that is the planet Earth. The word ‘secret’ is important in underlining the sacredness of our identity and a link to the time of our ancestors. ‘The dancers in the Earth’ is a reference to the entire humanoid species, that we are more similar than we are different, a call for unity, as there was once in the beginning.

How can the dancing ring still be seen?
The dancing ring is a symbol of the past and what is left of it, culturally and physically of generations gone by. The indigenous custodians of the land who once roamed freely without the oppression and burden of societal expectations. The dancing ring is the reminisce of a now forgotten cultural identity that existed in a symbiotic relationship with the land.

Explain the meaning of the ‘Apple-Gums/ Posture and mime a past corroboree’
This line provides me with vivid symbolism, emphasizing the disconnect between our generation and our roots, a problem that manifested by our modern cultural and social outlook. The ‘apple-gums’ is a metaphor of the continuous but enduring evolution of our planet and its inhabitants as an endless process.

Judith Wright
· Campaigner for aboriginal land rights
· Her work focused on Aboriginal rights and the cultural identity present during the time period.
· She grew up in a time of great change of Australia’s identity and therefore her fundamental phycology referred to the acceptance and integration of Aboriginals into...

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