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Boracay Island Essay

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The scent of the ocean assaulted my nostrils as I had walked passed it. The palm

trees blew in the mist of the cool sudden gust of the tropical, morning air, like smooth feahers

swaying side to side.

     As the majestic giant Philippine eagle swoops past my shoulder I suddenly found myself

in my most favorite place to visit on the face of this planet; the island paradise of Boracay in the

Philippines. Boracay Island combines crystal clear waters, sugary beaches that squeak, and lush

hilly landscapes into an idyllic tourist haven, that's guaranteed to fascinate anyone into tranquil

harmony with its simplistic beauty. Boracay is a breath-taking, unbelievably magical Island. A

spectacular paradise set in the unspoiled South China Seas.

     Boracay Island is a paradise indeed. The beach is amazing with its white sand, it is wide

and stretched on for kilometers. The northern and southern parts of the island rise into

picturesque hills that face the sea with weather worn cliffs. The Island has numerous scattered

villages interconnected by a maze of intriguing jungle trails.
     Boracay boasts one of the world's finest beaches (at least in my opinion.) White

Beach, a stretch of white - pebble sand, bathed by a strip of perpetually turquoise water

allures me in every sense in my body. Boracay's pure white beaches are a sun worshipper's

heaven on earth.

     White Beach runs almost the entire length of the western side of the petite island. During

the summer season, White Beach results in calm, turquoise seas, ideal for leisure and frolics in

its warm water to cool off from the summer's tropical heat. The eastern shore contains numerous

shelters and picturesque bays, rewarding the impassioned walker with many great scenic views.

     The main beaches are dotted with water sports outlets, offering the latest equipment for

rental of sailboats and wind surfers. Boracay is becoming Asia's most popular dive school

location with good shallow coral dives and drop-offs to depths of twenty meters being within

easy reach.

     In that great experience we had hired one of the...

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