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Border Fence, Made To Fail? Opinion Essay. For Or Against Bush's Border Fence Act Of 2006.

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The wall built between Mexico and the U.S.One of the biggest problems America is facing today is the number of illegal immigrants that travel into the country each year. In the year 2005, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, an estimated 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 immigrants were accounted for residing in the United States ("Illegal Immigration is Out of Control"). On October 26, President Bush signed The Secure Fence Act of 2006; this bill authorizes a 700 mile long fence along the southern border of the United States and Mexico. Although Bush is pushing for the guest worker program, which will allow legal employment for immigrants in the U.S. and a chance for them to become American citizens, congress opposes the program because they see it as a form of amnesty. The United States and Mexico border is over 2,000 miles long; having a 700 mile long fence is not a realistic solution to the immigration problem. The border fence will only cause America to become financially unstable and it will not be economically feasible to sustain.California's citizens are feeling the burden of immigrants each year, because of the estimate cost of over 10 billion dollars for "providing education, health care, and incarceration for illegal immigrants." However, the country's economy will suffer none the less if all of those same immigrants are deported back to where they came from ("Illegal Immigration is Out of Control"). California's financial system alone will suffer an economic deficit. Immigrants and foreigners are some of the top consumers in the United States, and they contribute to the state treasury by paying the sales tax on everything they consume. Because Mexico is America's second largest trading partner, expanding trade and investment between countries will be impossible if Mexico is not able to cross their own border to the U.S. (Griswold). Therefore, the border fence is clearly pointless, seeing as almost all of the cities on the Southern U.S. border attract mostly foreigners that cross over Mexico's border each day to spend money "in the form of retail purchases and investment" (Pacheco). Mexican shoppers and tourists alone are fueling the economic growth in the United States as we speak. Most of the illegal immigrants that come to America are skilled workers seeking lower paying jobs such as: farmers, bus boys, gardeners, construction workers, and anything involving labor tasks that American citizens never imagine doing at such a low cost. If the U.S. were to lose these skilled workers or immigrants, the cost of cheap labor will rise amounting to much higher costs of most products in the U.S. America is not ready for this abrupt change in their economy, which means that the only other solution will be to offer illegal immigrants a legal alternative.Reducing the legal entries from Mexico will not only be an economic disaster, but its costs will also impact government officials having to uphold the new border fence. According...

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