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Border Patrol Essay

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Human rights has always been a hot topic of concern when it involves the government and its’ enforcers. This is why the American Civil Liberties Union exists; they are here to make sure people (not only American) are protected from human rights violations. Legally speaking, they are allowed to question and bring such cases to court, as long as they are not done in a violent manner. The ACLU has been on top of Border Control for a long while now; although their methods don’t seem to be the best.
The American Civil Liberties Union does have a right to scrutinize the law and the people enforcing the law. They help keep everything in check and that nobody’s human rights are violated; it ...view middle of the document...

Homeland security (and other involved governmental offices) needs to come up with a training program that enables the Border Patrol to effectively do their job, which does not conflict with any human rights. Afterwards, the government should consult with the ACLU about the training program. If the ACLU doesn’t agree with something, they and the government should work out a resolution that makes both parties happy. Once the final draft of the training plan is complete, the government needs put this plan in action. Everyone in Border Patrol, no matter new or old to the job, needs to go through this training and receive a certificate of completion. This way, if the officer is caught violating the law and human rights, they cannot use the excuse that they “didn’t know.”
There is also one more thing that the Border Patrol should have. As previously stated, the ACLU’s checkpoint is useless and in fact, more detrimental to their cause. Border Patrol should have on-body cameras on them. Nothing beats having video footage; as they...

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