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I want to become a border patrol agent because it sounds like an exciting job to do. You’re never know what’s going to happen on the job, and i like being surprised. My grandpa was a border patrol and he told me about all the action he was in when he would get a call, but he told me that it was not just a fun job it was a lot of hard work and life risking job. A border patrol has a five month training that they have to do at Artesia, New Mexico learning about all the varied aspects of a border patrol agent. What they mostly do at the training is learn how to speak spanish because on the job they talk to a lot of illegal and legal mexican aliens. In order to get in the training you must be a ...view middle of the document...

5 miles in 13 minutes or less, run 220 yards in 46 seconds or less and complete an obstacle course in 150 seconds or less.
Border patrols must work graveyard shift alone in remote towns along the Mexican border, put in long hours, and perform well in triple-digit temperature. Reality that the job is difficult that 30 percent of agents quit within 18 months.border patrols agents often work out doors along intercontinental borders. Also they may be sent on temporary assignments on short notice and be permanently reassigned to any duty call, so you never know when they might call you. You have to be alert that you might get called. Border patrol have to travel through the border that they are assigned to looking for any kind of illegals. Agents work forty hours a week, usually in rotating shifts, and that's not including overtime. Also agents are subject to random drug testing. It's not a stable schedule because you are always going to be on call, so you never know when you'll have to leave. It's a very flexible schedule. They have physical requirements which is a test that you she to do 25 proper pushes, sit ups, and a step test. Last test will be running. They have different types of uniforms. Dress uniforms which are olive green trousers with a blue stripe, and an olive green shirt , which may or may not have a blue shoulder straps. The campaign hat is worn also with the uniform. Ceremonial uniforms when required are the following items added to the dress uniform to complete the ceremonial uniform: olive-green Ike jacketsor tunic with blue accents(shoulder straps and cuffs), blue tie, brass tie tack, white gloves, and olive green felt campaign hat is worn also. Rough duty uniform which is green cargo trousers and work shirt ( in short or long sleeves). Usually worn with a green baseball cap or tanstetson. Matching footwear which is blue or black. The CBP patch is worn on the right sleeves of the uniform. It contains the DHS seal against a black background with a key stone shape. The "keystone"...

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