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Border Patrol Career Report

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Rory MartinovicBrian AdamsPolitical Science 102Research PaperNovember 19, 2003Border Patrol/Border SecurityBorder security is both simple and complex issue at the same time. Border security is the job of the Border Patrol, the task of the Border Patrol is to, "To detect and prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the United States. Together with other law enforcement officers, the Border Patrol helps maintain borders that work - facilitating the flow of legal immigration and goods while preventing the illegal trafficking of people and contraband."(Overview). But there are many other issues that effect border security than just the physical aspects of it. Issues such as media coverage, interest groups, political officials and groups, and policy process; all of these issues effect and shape the debt over our border security.The central debt involving the Border Patrol and security is whether or not security should be reformed to be more relaxed, or strict. The central basis of the argument is simply whether or not it would be more beneficial to Americans and immigrants to have more lax or strict border policies. There are many factors to consider in making a decision, as is represented in the population of boarder areas themselves. Areas such as southern California have huge Hispanic populations that are usually more sympathetic to the idea of illegal immigration, however they directly feel the negative results of illegal immigration as well, lower wages and poorer living conditions in these areas can create much ambivalence on the subject.Those who advocate that the current border policies should be reformed to be made more open to immigrants do so because of common beliefs that are imbedded in our society as Americans. They usually make a point similar to this one, "Throughout history, people seeking either freedom or better economic conditions have never permitted walls to get in their way. It is the walls that governments construct to impede people's hopes and dreams for freedom and economic improvement that are the real crime."(Hornberger). This idea that America was intended to be a place of opportunity and equality for the less fortunate peoples of the world to come to in search of a better life fuels a resistance to a strong border policy. Others have different but related reasons for advocating a more open boarder, such as Senator John Cornyn, who said, "We need to spend our time chasing down the real threats to our nation -- the smugglers, drug dealers and terrorists -- not simply those merely looking for a better life for themselves and their loved ones."(Cornyn).The fundamental difference in the reasons of those who want a closed boarder as opposed to those what want a more open one, is the difference that facts are presented as the reason for strict border policies as opposed to the reasons for a more open border policy which are usually based on opinions or beliefs. People point toward statistics and facts of drug trafficking,...

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