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Border War Essay

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Illegal Immigration, words that spark an argument between Americans in a split-second. Some believe that the illegal aliens should be allowed into the country no matter what, but others believe that people should only be allowed if they do it the right way, by taking a test. The earliest migrants came here legally, the rules haven’t changed, so the people who want to enter the country should follow in the footsteps of those who have came before us. Border War and many Americans believe Immigrants should take the test and earn their citizenship, not go against the rules and sneak in. Immigration is not only illegal, but it causes harm to a portion of our citizens. Families associated with the process are often torn apart, and sometimes people are mentally and physically scarred from being associated. Lupe Moreno was raped by immigrants brought in by her father, she also was asked by many men if she would marry them for instant citizenship. In a time when a young girl should be enjoying her life, she was faced with decisions many people would not have to deal with until adulthood. At 12 she was having sex with a man who was illegal, and by 16, she was pregnant. Many other people have gone through similar situations because they were tangled in a web of smuggling drugs and people who don’t belong. These illegals shouldn’t be allowed in our country; they harm our families and bring unnecessary conflict into our lives. The people who enter without permission do whatever it takes to not get deported or put in jail. They go to the limit to get what they want, not a single person can stop them at times, including the people that risk their lives’ to protect this nation. Teri March’s husband died in a shooting by Armando Garcia, a person trying to sneak into the country. The one she...

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1070 words - 4 pages December 1837 life saving service was established by the department of treasury. Customs Revenue represented 90% of all federal funds deposited in the U.S treasury, in 1860. The bureau of internal revenue was established in 1862, in order to fund cost of the civil war a personal income tax was also established by the treasury department. In the same year president Lincoln also established the department of U.S. agriculture. In 1870 U.S special

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2002 words - 8 pages heard of the drug once being a student here at SDSU, but it exists and seems to be the hush-hush; lets keep it ourselves secret drug. We need to take a stand and get the media involved in this, so the parents of an unexpected casualty doesn't have to hear about it from an autopsy report. The literature and statistics are there, but finding it can be a different task at hand. A war on drugs can't be won unless we all take an active role in the cause!BIBLIOGRAPHYDibble, Sandra. "U.S. Scourge spreads South." The San Diego Union Tribune Sunday, November 17, 1996.Trotta, Dan. "FEATURE-U.S.-Mexico border becomes fertile new killing ground." Reuters, October 24, 1996.

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