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We all know that school is not the most interesting place to be at. For most students in high school, school might be boring. Distractions are the main reason why students get bored. Technology is everywhere and every student has some kind of digital device nowadays. There are a lot of ways of getting distracted and a lot of things to blame. Phones are one way of getting distracted during class. Distractions is not a part of school and shouldn’t be. Teachers, students, and social media are reasons why many kids get distracted during classes.

There many unique ways of teaching a class. If the teacher has a fun way to teach, it would make students be more involved. For example, imagine a kid that has a biology class and every summer he goes outside to pick on ants and in biology class all his teacher teaches is biology vocabulary. You know what I mean? Why can’t teachers make things fun and more enjoyable and the students would learn more. If the class was “fun,” no student would be peeking at their cell phones because they are “bored.” I have to admit, not all of my classes are fun and I understand why it is not fun. For instance, my English class is not fun at all. It is a pretty serious class, a lot of writing and learning. My English teacher is the only reason why the class isn’t boring. A guy like him has a funny sense of humor and has some jokes up his sleeve. He makes learning fun and enjoyable. I know for a fact that if I have a boring English teacher, I would be peeking at my phone and getting distracted. There are a lot of ways of teaching and if the teacher makes it fun and not awkward, students wouldn’t get distracted in class.

Distractions or not, students are responsible for the grades they are receiving. Students have to control themselves and not get distracted during class. If the class is boring and the student pulls out their phone, the consequences is on them. Students should know that when it comes to learning, it should be enjoyable and should be a learning experience. If studies really want to use their cellphones, they should wait to...

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