Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa Recruitment Case Study

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When it came to innovation for recruiting a large number of highly qualified people in a relatively short amount of time, an Atlantic City organization called Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa notably did. This creative organization faced the requirement to hire at least 5,000 employees, for all positions in order to support a 2002 room casino and resort. They resourcefully came up with a “recruitment campaign that resulted in 30,000 well-qualified job applicants.” They even deployed a “mobile unit that took teams of staffers to the streets of Atlantic City with laptops, bringing applications directly to the public.” Schadler, J. (2004). This was an impressive hybrid idea to me and a great use of today’s technology.
To conduct an extensive recruitment campaign such as Borgata engaged, I would most likely approach it in a similar manner, but with a twist, utilizing the same sort of resources such as “magazines, newspapers, radio, and billboards” Schadler, J. (2004). However, kicking-it-up-a-notch by advertising more widely on the internet, to include internet recruiters would no doubt reach more applicants, on a large scale, and higher quality. These combined ideas can provide a larger scale disbursement of recruitment information to mass numbers of potential applicants and orderly manage the predicted response by funneling it in an organized manner encouraging applicants to apply online. See Using the internet as the application source, this would expedite the recruiting process tremendously. I can remember the day when it took weeks by mail to receive a resume; then a response or phone call; the interview; then the response again. In my experience it can take weeks. By use of modern technology, you could potentially interview and hire a person within 24 hours, with a background check. Technology is changing in leaps and bounds, and it is all at our fingertips. Possibly another hybrid of original thoughts by adding a demonstrative mobile billboard with company emblem, creative illustrations, salary range, and a company phone number would help attract highly qualified applicants as well. (Aamodt, 2013, p.120).
The author explains in his book that effective employee selection share three characteristics: 1) They are valid; 2) They reduce the chance of a legal challenge, and 3) they are cost-effective. In the Borgata case based on the size of project, cost considered, but not a priority. The way I see handling the practical aspects of receiving and screening 30,000 applications and applicants in the interview process would be to have various methods of interviewing happening simultaneously for 24-hour periods, 7 days a week, until goals were met. This would allow the establishment to properly interview a significant number of individuals in a small amount of time to include video conferencing, telephone, and a properly staffed number of interviewers to interview walk-in or scheduled applicants.
The styles of interview would...

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