Born Again Christian Prophecies Based On The Bible

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Christopher Yeung
Ms. Emily Bauman
Cultural Studies

There exist different versions and elements of the Biblical prophetic tradition, from the patriarchal stories of Abraham and Moses to the exilic and post-exilic prophecies (like prophecies by Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel), to New Testament appropriations. Biblical prophesies in today’s world have become more important as things in the world start to go in a way that is destructive. For instance, with the increase in the cases of wars, earthquakes, famines and drought is the fulfillment of these prophesies in the bible on the last days. Research has proven that there are only a small percentage of born-again Christians that have prophecies that are based on the bible.
There are many groups of people that claim to have prophecies. This has led to the rise of a lot of controversy between people. This is because they argue there are high numbers of prophets who are fake. These fake prophets use specific verses within the Bible to come up with prophecies that will help them benefit in a certain way from the audience. For instance, there has been the emergence of a large number of street preachers.
As much as this argument could be valid, there are prophets who use the bible as the foundation of their prophecies. As stated above, there have been several reasons for the born again Christians to believe that the end of the world is coming. The prophecies of today focus on the events of that occur in the last days described by the Bible. The traditional form of prophecy used by street prophets is a form whereby they make the audience aware of the illnesses that are ongoing in the society and relate them to the bible. This is only done by a few numbers of street preachers. They often remind people that God is a forgiving God and that if they turn away form the evil deeds, he will not use punishment to destroy them.
There are street preachers today whom their main aim is to con people and to steal form them. The shocking thing is that this was actually prophesied in the New Testament; that there will be the rising of fake prophets. Most of these fake prophets make use of threats as they preach. For instance, they are quick to judge people, to condemn them, and to frighten them. They do this in a way without convincing people to change their ways to be righteous, and to follow the teachings of God. These fake prophets hurry to complete their false prophecies and do not allow room for discussion with the audience on the implications of their prophecies. Rather, they are out to ‘collect’ money from their audience. Some even do this as their main source of income. Walking through Union Square in early October, I unwilling stopped at a street preacher prophesizing how the US government were planning ‘another’ self-attack like 9/11 and to my fascination, the same man was arrested a couple days later. Therefore, I believe that street preachers are the most similar to the patriarchal books in the Bible. This...

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