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Born Lucky Or Born Trapped: Class And Equality In America

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Born Lucky or Born Trapped: Class and Equality in America
Everyday in America, every citizen faces the burdens and restrictions of the class structure. But America is known as the “Land of the Free,” so how can these restrictions and burdens exist? Unfortunately, Americans are not as free as we think, because we are as equal as we think. Due to the class structure, most Americans can no longer reach the “American Dream.” The issue is a lot easier to notice than you may think, and it is easier than you may think to do something about it. Because change is already occurring within America, and it’s not too hard to add to it. So, the question is, what can you do?
Despite the evidence of equality, Americans still aren’t truly as equal as it would seem. People say that in America, legally everyone gets the same voting power in an election, and that we tell children in our society that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. To a certain level, both of these things are true. An 18 year-old kid working for minimum wage at a cash register in a fast food joint gets one vote for his state senator, and a business executive from that fast food joint’s nearby corporate branch get’s one vote as well. The difference is that the business executive has money, which he can use to bribe the 18 year-old’s fellow employees to vote for a certain candidate, or to fund advertisements for that candidate, and “friends in high places” who can do the same. Anyone in the United States can hold a political office, or become a CEO. In fact, anyone in my Sophomore class could become President, except the kids who lived the first few months of their life in South Korea or Pakistan. I could start a small business as soon as I’m out of high school, but it’ll likely never be corporation without the necessary resources which I could only gain through being born in a higher class, or quite a bit of luck. It is that part about luck which lets people still say Americans are equal. You can be just as well off as the next to you, that is, if you’re lucky. The truth sadly is, by maintaining free enterprise, we automatically ruin the idea of equality. Because all it takes is for one guy to have a dollar more than another, and equality is thrown out the window. The only way to be truly equal is to be ran by something like Communism, and even that doesn’t work, because there is still always going to be at least one person or group on top.
Sadly, the chances of anyone in America successfully reaching the “American Dream” are not very high. Because of the state of the American economy, along with the class system, the only way to be well-off financially is to be born that way. There are supposedly other ways of making it, but they are all either false or nearly impossible. You can try to change your position in society but it is likely that, as seen in the...

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