Born Gay: Truth And Circumstances. Essay

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For years homosexuality in the United States of America has been looked down upon by citizens, religions, and even politicians. The homosexual culture, or the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender), has been demoralized and stuck out and lashed against by the Heterosexual community time and time again. To better understand the LGBT community we must first grasp the concept of Sexual Orientation.
Sexual orientation is a term used to describe a person’s physical, sexual, and romantic attraction to another person, whether they be Male or Female. The term is relatively new and the idea of having a homosexual identity has only been around for one-hundred years at the most (APA).
To look at what causes homosexuality, one must look back through history at different points in time, for example Homosexual acts occur naturally in nature and appear all over history. No one knows for sure what causes homosexuality or if there is a choice in sexual orientation at all. Scientific studies have furthered no evidence in supporting the idea of altering Sexual Orientation or choosing in what sexual acts you enjoy ruling out any possibility of Homosexuality being a choice. No link to psychopathy or family distress to homosexuality has been found, and all studies point to birth regarding sexual orientation at birth rather than during adolescence (APA).
Most scientists and psychologists believe that homosexuality is caused by a gene determined at birth much like your hair, skin, and eye color are determined, meaning homosexuality is not a choice and is no more a choice than choosing your skin color. Studies known as adoption studies show that sexual preference is genetic by adopting a young infant child and placing them in either a homosexual or hetero sexual house hold. About 50% of the time a homosexual child has been raised in a heterosexual household, and a heterosexual child raised in a homosexual household, showing that genetics may take part (Horton).
Twin studies have shown that a Homosexual man is more likely to have Homosexual brothers than a heterosexual man, and the same scenario for heterosexual females and Lesbian women. In 1993, a study was published showing that homosexual brothers had a genetic marker on the X chromosome which from now on is referred to as XQ28, the discovery of XQ28 in 1980 leads to a scientific possibility of a “Gay Gene”. The finding of this research corresponds with the results of a set of controversial studies from the early 1990s. Dean Hamer, a researcher at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, also found a link between XQ28 and homosexuality. In summarizing his findings, Hamer said that there is "A 99.5% certainty that there is a gene (or genes) in this area of the X chromosome that predisposes a male to become a heterosexual." (Horton).
Some Scientists, Psychologists, and Neurologists a like suggest that there is in fact no difference in Heterosexuality and Homosexuality. This is simply determined after conception by...

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