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Due to the uniqueness of this particular case of delinquency, the theories and sets of standards that are used to properly identify a delinquent and explain the reason for delinquent behavior are put into question. As a society, dealing with individual similar to the one highlighted in the episode, become a delicate situation in which the standards we hold as a society should be viewed in a different way. Individuals like the one highlighted in the episode should be treated as an adult in the eyes of the law because of the circumstances of the situation.
The idea of “minors who engaged in illegal behavior were viewed as victims of improper care at home” (Juvenile Delinquency the core, p. ...view middle of the document...

A factor that played a crucial point in this case was the action taking by the parents. According to the latent trait theory, “early social control and proper parenting can reduce the delinquent propensity”. (Juvenile Delinquency the core, p. 129) The parents of the child felt that they can handle it themselves and were in denial to the fact that there may be something seriously wrong with the child that they could not handle themselves.
Although self-educated through parenting books, the parents still neglected to seek further help when the behavior of the child began to become more deviant. Another mistake made by the parents was the inability to detect these signs earlier in the child’s life. “Early onset of deviance strongly predicts more frequent and sustained criminality later in life” (Juvenile Delinquency the core, p. 131).
I believe that this case is important to the study of juvenile delinquency because of the uniqueness and the dynamic that this case has on how Delinquents are viewed. This case makes most of the theories within the textbook to be invalid in regards to the child that is highlighted. Instead of coming from what is considered a poor family with no stability and neglect on the part of the parents, this case shows the...

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