Born To Die Essay

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Born to die
The Beat Generation, made up of writers, artists and misfits, was forged not long after the end of World War II. People wanted change, the old ways and traditions were slowly being neglected and social rules of that time were put into question. The Beat Generation were the ones leading the way in questioning the old rules and regulations not because they wanted to but because America wanted it. The Beat Generation was a bohemian hipster like movement that got its drive and inspiration from sexuality, drugs, booze, crazy people and situations and religions like Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. The Beat Generation embraced creativity untouched by culture. These artists found ...view middle of the document...

He writes deliberate prose in this novel to give it a more authentic expression in order to better develop what he is trying to let America know.

Death is a phenomenon that many do not understand in America. America tells many that life should be lived in a certain way in order to live life to its fullest before death comes creeping along. Humans create this false pursuit of happiness before they leave this world. It leaves many in fear of death. Religious beliefs teach humans to embrace death. If that is the case, then why is it that citizens in north America still fear death when living a happy life in a first world country. Jack Kerouac is inspired to write spontaneously through his travels in Mexico because of Tristessa’s junk addiction and how she embraces death even though her life is miserable. The romantic’s wrote many poems about death and many artists from that era embraced death because it evoked a high level of curiosity in humans. Kerouac seems to embrace this notion too because it expresses an essential truth about the human condition. He was inspired by a dove in Tristessa’s house, “Yet so much like Tristessa’s eyes that I wish I could comment and tell Tristessa: Thou hast the dove’s eyes.”(Kerouac 26) the Dove represents the communication between the two worlds and more importantly it represents peace of the deepest kind. It sooths all our worries and troubled thoughts. It helps to appreciate the little things in life. Kerouac wrote in spontaneous prose style at this moment in time because he was captivated by the image of the dove in Tristessa’s house looking over her like a guardian angel. He wants to deliberately tell this as he his seeing it to deliver it as a message to America showing how powerfull and medicinal religion could be for one with terrible life conditions. For a Dove could mean nothing in America but in Tristessa’s world it is an act of God’s protection of her soul. Kerouac was inspired to make this metaphor about Tristessa’s dove eyes as a reminder to Americans to stop worrying so much about the pursuit of happiness and that really as Jack Kerouac would like to put it; “All of us trembling in our mortality boots, born to die, BORN TO DIE I could write on the wall and on walls all over America.”(Kerouac 29). Kerouac is trying to say that there is really nothing you can do about it except accept the fact that every human will die and humans need to start living more in the present and less in fear as Tristessa does with a dove watching over her home.
Tristessa goes about her life normally living day by day getting her morphine with not another care in the world “Everything is so poor in Mexico, people are poor, and yet everything they do is happy and carefree, no matter what is. Tristessa is a junky and she goes about it skinny and carefree, where an American would be gloomy.” (Kerouac 29). This is shocking to Jack Kerouac because this logic does not really apply itself in America. Kerouac is inspired to...

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