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Every time Kristin rode her bike to town that summer, so long ago, she and Lori stopped by the new subdivision to watch the progress. And every time Chris came out to talk to them. Kristin was able to untie her tongue enough to hold a short conversation. That’s when things took another step toward her current situation.
“You gals wouldn’t happen to know a good babysitter, would you? I need to take my wife out but we don’t have a regular babysitter.” Chris asked.
Lori wrinkled her nose and held up her hands. “Nope, not my thing.” Having no brothers or sisters, older or younger, Lori didn’t have anything to do with kids, let alone babies.
Kristin shrugged. “I do.” There were four ...view middle of the document...

When Kristin opened the SUV door Chris stopped her. “Do you mind if I meet your parents? I’m sure they’d like to know who you’re sitting for.”
“Oh. No. That’s fine.” She led him to the house thinking, no they don’t care who I sit for as long as I make money and don’t have to ask them for any. “Mom. Dad,” Kristin called, just inside the front door. Her mother came from the kitchen where she had been supervising cleanup duty. “This is Chris McLaughlin. I’m watching his girls tonight.”
“Good evening, ma’am. I just wanted to meet Kristin’s family and let you know where she’ll be at. I can give you my home number in case you need to reach her.”
Joanne was taken aback. This was a very handsome young man. And, it seems, she did appreciate him offering this information. “Why, thank you, Mr. McLaughlin. Let me get a pen.” Joanne slipped into the living room to get Jack up to meet Chris. She returned with a pen and paper and her husband.
“Pleased to meet you both.” Chris shook hands with both her parents and held the door for Kristin to exit after chit-chatting for a bit. “Have a nice evening.”
Wow, that was weird, Kristin thought as she climbed through the SUV door which Chris held open.
Chris asked her about her family, school, and boyfriends as they drove to his house. She answered all his questions, conscientiously trying not to give one word answers. She was so nervous sitting next to him. Did he know she’d had a crush on him for the last six months? Cool air from the air conditioner kept Kristin’s face from flushing as they drove into town.
“Your folks seemed surprised to meet me. Don’t the other families you sit for meet them before they drive off with you? Or at least boyfriends before a date?”
Kristin thought about that for a minute. He had a point. Did her parents know the Pierson’s or Stubb’s? They picked her up at her house just like Chris did only they didn’t come in to meet her parents. That’s kind of creepy. She could have been abducted from her own home and no one would have questioned it until the next morning. Wanting to sound like everything was normal and cool she said, “I think they knew each other before. As for boyfriends, I haven’t really dated.”
“Really, a pretty girl like you? I figured I’d have to book you to babysit at least a week ahead so you could schedule me in.” He smiled and winked at her. Kristin blushed. “Of course, I can understand your parents not letting you date. My daughters aren’t dating until their thirty.” They both laughed. Kristin was starting to relax in his company.
Stopping in front of Chris’s home Kristin climbed out of the vehicle. The house was white with black trim. It was two stories and small solar lights lead the way to the front door. Colorful flowers were lined up and standing at attention under the picture window. The sun was just about to sink below the roofs of neighboring homes casting long shadows across the verdant lawn. It...

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