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Men’s magazines are usually meant for young and middle aged men ranging from men in their mid-twenties to late forties. These magazines often feature ads related to alcohol, automobiles, hunting, politics, scientific advances, technological breakthroughs, travel, dating etc. i.e. the topics that appeal to men in particular. But nowadays advertisers have begun to change the way they usually create an ad for a men’s magazine. They are shifting focus from advertisements which suit only men to advertisements suiting couples, as a vast majority of men who subscribe to these magazines are married or in a relationship. Studies show ...view middle of the document...

The words on the top “I love CDs” show that the women is still into old school CD players while on the other hand the words “he loves internet radio “show that the man likes to keep up to date with technology hence using the internet radio. Bose wants to show that they are useful to other the old school people who tend to buy a CD and listen to music and also the new generation of people who want to listen to music for free via internet radio. With technology around us changing everyday this smart move by Bose is trying to make a point that by combining different technologies in a product i.e. the CD player and the internet radio, which are not very apart on the technology line, almost anyone today with any level of technological skill/adaptation can use their sound system irrespective of age, sex and ideological differences.

Also below there are small lines printed which state all the technological advantages of the sound system. It states that one can instantly and wirelessly listen to music, easily listen to internet radio which comes with six programmable presets so that people can hear their favorite playlist albums or stations and all that at a touch of a button .Another significant point which is mentioned here is that the sound system is small so that it can fit into any room and on the other hand it is powerful enough to fill up the room with life like sound. We can also see the ‘wave sound touch’ trademark symbol, which shows that Bose making remarkable progress is in the field of sound research. The trade mark intended to throw a spot light upon the fact that Bose has a patent for this particular technology and is leading in the field of sound research. This only makes the product more fascinating and helps to improve the image of Bose as a firm.

These so called minute things help Bose to build a brand fan base and also trust their costumer. . The best part about this sound system is that it can be connected to your Wi-Fi so it is completely wireless in the end the advertisement Bose states that they are offering a risk free 90 days offer with free shipping. The company wants to gain the trust of the customers here a Bose sound system is slightly expensive when compared to other manufactures so Bose is trying to reassure the customer that the investment is worth it and are offering a free trail for ninety days. Further as the price is on the higher end of the scale Bose offers an installment scheme...

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