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Have you ever wondered why Boston National Historical Park is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Boston? There are many historical attractions within the park.Most of the Boston National Historical Park sites are connected by the Freedom Trail. Recognized as a National Recreation Trail, the 3-mile trail is a walking tour of 16 sites and structures of historic importance in downtown Boston and Charlestown.Bibliography Boston, Lexington and Concord: The Shots Heard Round the World!, February 2002, by Joseph L. AndrewsGuide to New Jersey's Revolutionary War Trail: For Families and History Buffs, May, 2000, by Mark Di IonnoCharlestown Navy Yard: Boston National Historical Park, September 1995, Massachusetts National Park Service StaffFaneuil HallIn early 18th-century Boston a number of merchant families amassed great wealth through shipping and trade. Codfish, caught off the coast, were dried, salted, and traded in the West Indies for molasses and rum. These products were, in turn, exchanged in Europe for manufactured goods, or, along the west coast of Africa, for slaves. One of the wealthiest Boston merchants of this era was Peter Faneuil. Faneuil proposed to mark his success by building a central food market in his hometown. The building as finally constructed in 1742 included not only an open market but also a meeting space suitable for town gatherings. The hall, named for Faneuil, was built on land gained by the filling of the small cove near the ancient and dilapidated town dock. It was expanded in 1806 by Charles Bulfinch.Old Corner Book StoreOriginally built in 1712 as an apothecary shop, office, and the home of Thomas Crease, this building was the center of literary Boston in the 19th century. Such noted authors as Longfellow, Emerson, Hawthorne, and Oliver Wendell Holmes gathered in the bookstore here. Many famous books were published here, including The Scarlet Letter, and Walden. Today, The Boston Globe Store which was founded by The Boston Globe newspaper occupies the building and specializes in New England and travel books and maps.Old State HouseThe Old State House, Boston's oldest public building, was built in 1713 to house the government offices of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and both town and county government operations. It was the center of all political life and debate in colonial Boston. On July 18, 1776, citizens gathered in the street to hear the Declaration of Independence read from the building's balcony, the first public reading in Massachusetts. The Royal Governor presided here until the new State House was built on Beacon Hill in 1798. In the 18th century the first floor of the Old State House was used as a Merchant's Exchange, while the basement was rented by John Hancock as warehouse space. Here in February 1761...

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1468 words - 6 pages I got the call from mom that I get the chance to go to Boston, Massachusetts with her and my dad. I felt thrilled to go there, none the less a place I have always wanted to go visit for a while. With this in mind, I had no idea what I am going to get myself into going there. I instantly conceived of all the films I have looked on internet, TV set and parents speaking about it. As a result of this amazing experience was, here is what I learned

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2282 words - 10 pages 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings/ Who Did It?! Introduction “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that is power because they control the minds of the masses.” (Malcolm X). One of the most controversial matters that was on local and international TV news, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and social media sites is the Boston Marathon Bombings

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928 words - 4 pages “Boston had been the ringleader in all the riots, and had at all times shown a desire for seeing the laws of Great Britain attempted in vain in the colony of Massachusetts Bay,” European leader Lord North said as he heard news of what happened at Massachusetts Bay, which later came to be called the Boston Tea Party, an event in which angry colonists threw British tea over the harbor in protest of British rule and their harsh taxes on their goods

The Boston Tea Party

637 words - 3 pages The colonies united against Britain and became the Unites States of America. Have you ever wondered how it happened? I mean before the American Revolution happened the colonists said that they were proud to be British. How did their mind change all of a sudden? Well, there are many reasons as to why the colonists declared independence. In my opinion, the three major ones are The Stamp Act (1765), The Boston Massacre (1770), and The Boston Tea

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1229 words - 5 pages I. IntroductionBoston was a very successful arena rock group from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Formed in 1971 in Boston, Massachusetts, they were the owners of the biggest selling debut album in Rock and Roll history. Primarily due to the genius of Tom Scholz, an engineering graduate from MIT, Boston achieved fame with hits like, “More than a Feeling,” “Peace of Mind,” “Don’t Look Back,” and many

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829 words - 3 pages Throughout the course of history there have been many events leading up to the independence of America. One of the most important and influential events was the Boston Tea Party. Leading to this, angry colonists boarded a ship filled with many chests of tea and threw them overboard. The Boston Tea Party marked the first act of open resistance to British rule (Britannica p1). The Boston Tea Party alone was not the main event that brought America

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717 words - 3 pages For this week’s post I am going to focus on connecting Boston and relating it with the theory of Zoopolis. I consulted three resources for this post; last Wednesdays lecture about Zoopolis, a blog called “Zoopolis… A Step Beyond New Urbanism” by Mike Ciampa, and an article of Boston Population in 2014. According the lecture delivered by our Teaching Assistant Will, Zoopolis is about animals and the city. The blog “Zoopolis… A Step Beyond New

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752 words - 4 pages The Boston Tea Party Boston, Massachusetts is known as “the cradle of liberty.” (Stein, R. Conrad. The Boston Tea Party. New York: Children’s, 1996. N. pag. Print (pg. 28) (10-30-13)) The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16, 1773 as a protest of the American colonists against the British government. Both the British and the colonists loved tea and it brought a substantial amount of money to the East India Trading Company. Due to the

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1893 words - 8 pages Throughout history, events are sparked by something, which causes emotions to rise and tensions to come to a breaking point. The Boston Massacre was no exception; America was feeling the pressure of the British and was ready to break away from the rule. However, this separation between these two parties would not come without bloodshed on both sides. The British did not feel the American had the right to separate them from under British rule

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1278 words - 6 pages The Boston Tea Party was an important historical event that happened on the night of December 16th, 1773. This was a predicament that was between the British government and the American colonies. The number one priority of it dealt with taxes, which Britain was requiring American colonies to pay. In 1765, the Stamp Act was created by Parliament to provide money to make peach with the Native Americans and the American settlers. It was an act that

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931 words - 4 pages The Boston Tea Party was the key-event for the Revolutionary War. With this act, the colonists started the violent part of the revolution. It was the first try of the colonists, to rebel with violence against their own government. The following events were created by the snowball effect. There, all the colonists realized the first time, that they were treated wrong by the British government. It was an important step towards the independence

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1150 words - 5 pages 6BOSTON MASSACRE ENGRAVING BY PAUL REVERECourseProfessorCity/ UniversityDateThe engraving by Paul revere is embellished exposé of the skirmish, which later on came to be referred to as the Boston Massacre, between Boston's citizens and British soldiers on 5th March, 1770. As seen in the image, there is a group of seven soldiers in uniform, on the right and on the signal of senior officer, fire into the civilian crowd on the left. Three

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1547 words - 6 pages The Boston Massacre was an extremely important event in American History. Also, it a very controversial topic. To this day, no one can really give an accurate description of the events that transpired. The Boston Massacre was not a random event at all; many actions led up to the massacre. As a result of this disaster, America was changed forever and sent on a road towards revolution. The Boston Massacre was a defining moment in American history

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865 words - 3 pages The town of Boston was a very unstable throughout the 1760’s. This instability quickly turned to violence in the early part of 1770’s. Tension had already begun to in the beginning of the year with various clashes between the British and the colonists. However, in early March the tensions erupted into bloodshed to create what we now know as the Boston Massacre. The occurrence of these events is a fact, however, the interpretations of them has