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Boston Beer Company : Business Analysis Part 2

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The company has a very good inventory control system. After they are able to locate good quality suppliers that are able to meet the demand of the company, they then strive to maintain those relationships. They have systems in place to forecast their future needs and then have set out to be able to maintain a supply on-site so they can meet the demands and not run out of the product. They also need to make sure that they are able to store the materials so that they are able to maintain the quality that the company needs.
Boston Beer strives to efficiently warehouse the raw materials that they need. At times this can be a struggle because of shortages. Sometimes this can be caused by ...view middle of the document...

Boston Beer has a very efficient finished goods process. They do not have to store their products for a very long period of time due to the system that they use. They are able to turn over the product to their suppliers and/or customers in a very short amount of time.
The Boston Beer Company effectively conducts market research in order to identify the customer segments and needs. They are constantly attempting to expand their market and are looking for ways to expand into the areas that their product is not as successful in. They look at not only where the product is most popular and least popular, but look into the different reasons why the item is chosen or not. They then attempt to use this information to reach all the different areas in order to expand their market. They evaluate other possible alternate distribution channels that are available or that may become available in the future.
Sales promotion and advertising are two tools that the company uses on a continuous basis. They utilize these tools based on the market research that they have conducted. The sales professional are trained extensively and given samples of the raw materials to show possible distributors and customers.
Boston Beer encourages their customers input for future product development as well as product improvements. The company realizes that the customers are the ones that are the most important in the process of improving the...

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