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Boston Marathon Bombings And Captain America

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On April 19, 2013, an entire city was asked to "shelter in place" while police sought the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings, and Captain America was right there with everyone as they watched and waited. In this case, Captain America was a 14-year-old kid named Reuben who was in town for the Boston Comic-Con, scheduled to take place just a block away from where the bombs had been detonated at the finish line on Boylston Street. The convention was postponed shortly after the "shelter in place" order was given, but he and his father chose to check into their Kenmore Square hotel nonetheless.

It was a moment in history; a day that people would remember where they were and what they were doing years later. When his father asked if he wanted to cancel the weekend, young Reuben chose to be present for it rather that be afraid. It was a sentiment that was echoed across a city holding its breath. The entire city was suffering extended shock since that Monday when the bombs went off. It was an atmosphere of siege, even before the order kept people in Boston stuck in their homes. Nobody knew if there were more bombings to come, or even what had motivated the attack. Nonetheless, walking in the real world meant making a conscious decision not to show fear while doing so. Reuben, along with the city, was being given a chance to decide what kind of person he wanted to grow into. In light of the Boston Marathon bombings, he had decided that he wanted to be Captain America. It was his manifestation of the "Boston Strong" spirit.

Reports began coming out on Friday morning that the suspects had been identified, that one of them may be dead, that an unknown number were armed and still loose, and that an intensive search was underway. Locked in their homes, or hotels, an entire city was glued to the television. Early afternoon, the news came that even the Boston Red Sox game would be postponed. Strangely enough, while sheltering in place was a statewide inconvenience, the loss of the Sox game really made people mad.

BostonWhen the announcement came around 6 p.m. that the order was being lifted, despite not having caught the second suspect, people took to the streets quickly. Most businesses had closed, and dinner for most in Kenmore Square meant the 7-11 store. There were no other options. Captain America, hood and all, grabbed a burrito and walked down to Boylston Street. Along the way, hand-written signs proclaiming...

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