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The Boston Tea Party was an important historical event that happened on the night of December 16th, 1773. This was a predicament that was between the British government and the American colonies. The number one priority of it dealt with taxes, which Britain was requiring American colonies to pay. In 1765, the Stamp Act was created by Parliament to provide money to make peach with the Native Americans and the American settlers. It was an act that was loathed by the colonists of America, and was repealed by parliament for many reasons. The government of Britain created other laws to maintain all the problems that were being forced upon; which later, the Boston Tea Part was focused on the ...view middle of the document...

By the end of 1773, the Sons of Liberty Philadelphia, Boston, and New York pledged a tea boycott to end the tea imports from the British, this is where the Tea Act came into play for the colonies. The merchants of the colonies were very frustrated when they saw it as an opportunity for them to get replaced and over powered by such a big company like theirs. Even though in the East India Companies eyes they were on the verge to destruction, American colonies saw it as an opportunity to bankrupt them to and reverse the roles. Another point that showed was that the Tea Act brought about Americans thoughts about the saying and issue of “taxation without representation.” This is where the colonists boycotted the tea, and began the protest through the colonies, which was the apart of the start of the Boston Tea Party. Colonies began to make plans and arrangements to prevent the East India Company from docking their cargo and unloading their ship. In Boston, which was one of the leading port cities, was focused on the Tea Act. Samuel Adams, a radical agitator of Boston, on the night of December 16th, 1773, rounded up one hundred and fifty Bostonians, Indians, and more, and made their arrival to the docks. They went onto 3 of the ships, broke as many tea chests as they could possible get their hands on, and dumped them into the harbor.
With that start of involvement from Parliament laws, they reacted with even more laws that would try to make everything play out more. Parliament in Great Britain created an act called The Intolerable Acts. This act was meant to establish a boundary and punish the colonists for the tea that was thrown into the harbor. Many colonists viewed this as not being the constitutional way of having any rights, which lead to viewing the acts as a giant threat to Britain because the number one aspect of American colonists was having the right to anything someone else, could have the right to. In the eyes of Boston, they related it to it being a strong punishment towards a predicament towards Britain; it made colonist realize that going against Britain was the right thing to do, and was the only way settlement could be acquired in this situation of play. So people would think, maybe this act will really make Parliament realize the action that the colonist are going to be taking, and it was something that went the wrong direction. This led to the Boston Port Act of 1774, which closed the port until Boston paid for all the damaged that was caused in the harbor of the Intolerable Act, which was ordered by King George III. Colonists objected it because it ended up...

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The Boston Tea Party Essay

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