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Boston University Essay

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I define success as staring defeat in the face, and conquering it. I believe that the journey to success begins with college. In addition, I believe the journey begins at Boston University. Boston University is a highly respected establishment well known for providing an above average education in their schools of Law, Business Management, Medicine, Engineering, and Education. Boston University is one of the largest independent, nonprofit universities in the country.
Boston University is located in Boston, one of the most historically relevant towns thriving today. The highly recognized institution was founded in 1839. In the 20th century, Boston was known as the “Athens of America” due to its many educational facilities, and large student population. The nickname is still applicable today given that Boston is home to more than one hundred colleges, and universities, many of which are considered the best among the world. The college town has ...view middle of the document...

It is a predominantly female school with 60% of the student body being female, 30% male, and 10% unknown. The school’s diversity ranges from how old the students are to, what race and gender they are. At 47%- less than half the student body of BU is Caucasian, or European American. 9% hispanic, 3% African American, 13% Asian, and with the remaining amount of 28% being unknown or of two or more races. The average age of the students attending BU is 21 years old for part time students, and full time students. This proves that Boston University is full of young wildlife ready to succeed.
Boston University is ranked as one of the best universities in the United States. Consequentially, it is not easy to be admitted due to the rigorous admission requirements. BU expects greatness from all their applicants, and students. Some statistics that show this include the fact that 99% of the students admitted to Boston University were in the top half of their classes. 38% of Boston University’s Alumni had a G.P.A of 3.5 or above after their graduation of high school. Everything about Boston screams success to me.
In addition, to University-sponsored merit awards, and need-based grants. Boston University offers a tuition payment plan for those in need of assistance, or those who are academically exceptional. Students, and/or parents also have the option of paying for a percentage of education expenses with credit-based private loans. Boston University understands that college may be financially challenging for some. Just looking at the “sticker price” of Boston you would immediately think there is no way I can afford this, but that is why BU awards more than $162 million dollars in needs-based aid to enrolled undergraduates every year. Not everyone can receive financial assistance, but Boston hopes to reach everyone that needs financial assistance.
Known academically for its preparation in Students who are looking forward to pursuing a career in Medicine, or Law, Boston University is a highly established institution located in Boston Massachusetts. I am interested in attending Boston University because the high level of education it offers. I am also interested in the attendance of BU because they have a lot of different clubs to choose from.

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