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'both The Poetry Of Wilfred Owen And The Water Diviner Show That War Is A Chaotic Activity St Albans Secondary 11 A Essay

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‘Both the poetry of Wilfred Owen and The Water Diviner shows that war is a chaotic, bloody and hopeless activity.’ Do you agree?
Both the texts of Wilfred Owen’s ‘The War Poems’ and The Water Diviner by Russell Crowe demonstrates and displays that war is a chaotic, bloody and hopeless activity. Much alike, these two texts highlights and reveals the realities of war and the chaos and bloody images it brings. Owen, through his war poems gives us a deeper and more detailed representation of war and reveals the truth about the reality of the horrific war that produced horrendous casualties and agonising deaths. Crowe’s film also provides scenes of the petrifying war and how chaotic it really was as he attempts to showcase the realities of war as well. Equally, Owen’s ‘The War Poems’ and The Water Diviner through their own mediums, showcase the chaos, bloodiness and hopeless activity of war, as Owen provides a more descriptive and deep insight of the realities of war.
Both the Owen and Crowe texts examines the reality of war and through their use of mediums, depicts the bloodiness and chaos that war brings. Owen’s poetry as well as the war scenes in The Water Diviner presents the gruesome and shocking war. Owen depicts this concept in his poem ‘Mental Cases’, where he describes in dark and horrific details, the ghostly physical symptoms and mental torment soldiers suffered from war. The soldiers in the poem are depicted as having ‘drooping tongues’ and ‘barring teeth that leer like skulls’ in which Owen gives an animalistic appearance to these soldiers as well as repulsive images. The poem is permeated with death imagery, using an internal rhyme, there are ‘batter of guns and shatter of flying muscles’ and the alliteration of the ‘b’ sound of ‘blood-black’ gives an image of splattering blood that is confronting to the readers. Similarly, The Water Diviner shows various scenes of the gruesome war, however through the medium of film, Crowe demonstrates this concept through setting, cinematography and flashbacks. Crowe uses a long shot camera angle of the soldiers on the battlefield with the loud sound effects of gunshots and explosions and the sound of men screaming to emphasise the chaos that war brings. There are various scenes where soldiers are seen killing one another and the close up shot of Henry’s face covered in blood in which he was shot in the face outlines the bloodiness and terrifying war, creating dark and repulsive images. Much the same, both texts focuses on the gruesome physical affects of soldiers from war, through different use of mediums depicts the chaotic and bloody war.
The Water Diviner and The War Poems in a similar way, depicts and presents war as a hopeless activity, emphasising that there are no benefits of war. Owen’s poetries as well as the aftermath of war that affected the loved ones from The Water Diviner shows that there are no real benefits of war but rather, leaving everyone hopeless. In The Water Diviner, the death...

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