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Botox The Easy Way To Beauty

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“I even tried Botox but I didn’t like how my face looks afterwards. Now, I don’t use Botox anymore and I can move my forehead again!” Nicole Kidman
Botox! Botox! Botox! It is very famous among celebrities no matter which country they come from. Even in our own country, Malaysia, the actress or even actor start to use Botox to look prettier, younger, raising their popularity and to maintain their reputation. For those that use Botox, they are only blinded by the temporary beauty that promised by it. Some of the users commonly artist from Hollywood said that Botox has become their nightmare because after injection the wrinkles at their face get worse. Furthermore, the injection of Botox must be taken continuously and it also costs a lot of money. One of the reasons their face become worse is when they discontinued using it. I think that Botox cannot be trusted or used because it has many disadvantages than benefits. So, I suggest using another method to be gorgeous and to be precious. Botox should be acknowledged in order to understand its types, know the side effect and explore the procedure.
Usually, people do not know there are a few types of Botox. Many people think that Botox only to diminish of wrinkle on the face and avoid to look old. According to the website there are three types of Botox actually and all of them are popular. The types of Botox are Botox cosmetic, Botox therapeutic, and Botox for severe underarm sweating. Firstly, Botox cosmetic is the most broadly used form of Botox today. Usually, procedure for Botox cosmetic is non surgical by any professional either a doctor or a nurse for a long time can reduce the appearance, smooth appearance and remove a number of line and wrinkles. The popular area uses of Botox are frown lines, forehead creases, lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, and include thick bands in the neck. Actually, Botox Cosmetic blocks the impulse of nerve. It is blocked when the Botox are injected into the problem area. Some of people implied that Botox cosmetic is a frozen state lines and wrinkles. FDA only approved Botox cosmetic treatment. The sign who get Botox cosmetic injection can be seen within four to seven days of the injections. The next type of Botox is Botox therapeutic. Migraines can be reduced or minimized by using these types of Botox. This was proved during the study performance development. For the part doctors are glad and pleased about this finding because so far the studies show that that Botox is likely to have fewer side effects than many generally prescribed migraine drugs. It appears to work by inhibiting sensory nerve that relay pain messages to the brain and muscles relaxed. Usually, the patients have given 10 to 15 injections of Botox in the head, neck and shoulders. Patients can see the sign of the Botox within 3days after the treatment. The last one is Botox for severe underarm sweating. For...

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