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Botox Treatment For Migraines Essay

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A migraine is a form of severe headache that causes intense pain in a localized area of the head. Scientist’s speculate that the cause of migraines is genetic. Symptoms of migraines include: nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, and aura (which is a disturbance of vision). These symptoms typically last anywhere from four hours to up to three days (Stroke, 2014). When a migraine occurs hyperactive nerve cells transmit impulses to blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to contract and become narrower. After the blood vessels contract, dilation occurs and the blood vessels become large again. This is followed by “the release of prostaglandins, serotonin, and other inflammatory substances (WebMD).” These substances cause the pain that occurs with migraines. Without treatment migraines can be extremely painful and debilitating, making it nearly impossible to function in daily life (WebMD).

Botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A), also known more commonly as Botox, is a fairly new treatment option for those who suffer from migraines. A double blind case study using Botox to treat individuals who suffered from migraines proved to decrease occurrence, severity, duration, and symptoms of migraines. This study used three groups of people 25-U BTX- A, 75-U BTX-A, and the vehicle (or control group) to determine the effective amount of Botox and its positive treatment of migraines. These three groups were injected in several different areas of their precrainial muscles with their designated treatments. Patients assessed these treatments on a scale, with -4 as the most severe worsening and +4 as complete abolition of symptoms and occurrence. Additionally the patients kept daily journals of the headaches, frequency, symptoms, and duration. “There was a significantly greater reduction in the number of migraines of any severity in the 25-U BTX-A Group (the test group that received the treatment) than in the vehicle (or control) group at month 3 (vehicle, – 0.90: 25 U BTX-A, – 2.12: P= .014) and a tendency toward a greater reduction of migraines at month 2 (vehicle, – 0.37: 25 U BTX-A, –1.55; P= .072) (Silberstein, Mathew, Saper, & & Jenkins, 2000).”
In another study Botox was also used treatment for individuals who suffered from chronic migraines. In this study two patient groups, one the test group the other the control group, were given injections of treatment into the glabella, temporal, forehead, and suboccipital areas of the head. These patients also used daily journals of their headaches, frequency, symptoms, and duration. This study also showed a “(reduction of headache days per month at least by 50%) was observed in 9 patients (26%) and “excellent response” (>75% reduction) in only 2 of them (6%). The average number of days with severe, disabling headache after treatment was 3.8 per month (mean reduction 46%, limits 0–905) (Oterino, Ramón, & Pascual,...

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