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In the 1976’s American wine, industry had forever changed. France has been the leader thought the winemaking world for centuries. This movie “Bottle Shock” is based on a true story of California wine makers on their first milestone of the winery industry. The wine industries in California show the world that the French is not the only credible wine producers. The movie helps us to see the significance in wine culture had a change not only the French opinion of Americans, but the entire world’s opinion had changed. I will explain the meaning of the movie along with significant details that happened to become the reason how American wine will rival the French wines and changed the world.
The movie first takes place at the Académie du Vin wine shop in Paris, Steven Spurrier a sommelier and self-righteously British snob owner of the establishment. Maurice Cantavale seems to be the only customer; he is an American owner of the travel agent from next door. His business neighbor has daily conversation discusses how adding some American wine labels to his inventory would help indulge the Paris people of the fresh, new and upcoming of wines. He discusses how his wine shop is dull and boring needs brand new ideas. Steven talks about it been sophisticated has a big idea to add customers to his shop and save his wine business by introducing and supporting an event and contest at which French against the California upstarts. In order to try to save his business Steven concocts a plan to hold a blind taste test in Paris with the high-class Parisians being the judges. Along with press from Glamor magazines, his intended is to introduce the French people options on Americans cultivating wine and the quality of wines coming from elsewhere in the world. Little did Steven and Jim realize that they were both on course to change the history of wine forever.

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