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Bottled Vs. Tap Essay

1493 words - 6 pages

Purpose: To inform audience about tap, bottled water and other water treatments, so they can make a better choice in choosing clean drinking water.
I. Introduction
Attention Getter- In the year 2003 Americans alone spent more than 7 billion on bottled water, at an average cost of $ 1 per bottle.
Tie to Audience- Water has always been essential to our body’s system and our survival, but lately, it has become a recent fitness craze, as people across the globe seek to gain the certified health benefits of drinking adequate amounts of this precious clear liquid. However, we are too busy with many other elements in life like updating our statuses and keeping up to date with the latest Kesha song that we rarely have time to think about just wear this water comes from and is it healthy for us.
Credibility- Although human beings have largely relied upon tap water to fulfill their daily quota of drinking water, in recent decades consumers have begun to shy away from this water sources, due to many factors, one being public health scares such as the 1993 Milwaukee cryptosporidium outbreak that affected more than 400, 000 residents. As a result, bottle water companies emerged, promising a purer, healthier water product
Preview- Clearly, the bottled-water industry is here to stay, but is the price of bottled water really worth it? Do consumers truly receive a better water product for their money? And what other alternative methods are there for getting the cleanest water possible? I will seek to answer these questions by exposing some little- known facts about bottled water and cleansing methods.
Transition: Let’s start with bottled water

II. Body
a. Water regulations and cleaning: Bottled vs. Tap
i. Bottled water is FDA regulated and labeled as a “food”
1. Companies only require to test for microbes once a week
2. Loopholes in FDA testing do not require the same standards for water that is bottled and sold in the same state- many bottles have undergone almost no regulation or testing
3. Are not required to provide consumer with testing results
ii. Tap water is EPA regulated
1. Has stricter standards on municipal water systems
2. Mandated local water plants to provide residents with detailed account of tap water’s source, and any testing results including contaminant levels
3. Test for harmful microbiological content in water several times a day.
iii. Quote

Transition: There are also questions raised about whether or not water in bottles has the same or a better quality of water than what comes out of the faucet

b. Reconstituted tap water within our water bottles
i. Allegations against Coca-Cola company and its brand name bottled water Dasani
1. Advertising water as “pure, still water” is now being investigated for misleading consumers about true nature of its contents
2. Filling it’s bottles with purified tap water
ii. Not an isolated incident
1. 1999 NRDC published results of four year study where researchers tested...

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