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When kids by lunch for school or when they buy beverages, kids make the right choice by choosing bottled water. Imagine if kids didn’t have the chance to get bottled water because it was all banned. Kids will go after sugary and unhealthy beverage. That will make kids be obese, and the health care to treat the kids will be rising. Then the U.S obesity rate will rise and our economy will be destroyed. So, don’t ban bottle water, it plays an important role for us. Water is one of the most beneficial resources ever known. You can live without food for a few weeks, but if you don’t have water you can die within days. I think bottle water is better than tap. Bottle water saves lives, and if you ban bottled water why can’t people ban the sugary and unhealthy drinks. Bottle water skeptics might say that all the corruption between bottled water and tap water will be over if banning bottled water because they aren’t being recycled, and plastic is indestructible and that will lead the bottled water to create an even larger landfill. But these people don’t seem to realize that bottle water is a small part of the landfill and it’s not the bottles problem that it isn’t being recycled, it’s the people.

Bottle water is very beneficial because it helps save lives and it keeps you hydrated. When there is a natural disaster or any sort of issue, there is no source of clean water. That’s when bottle water comes to save the day. In the earthquake of Haiti and other severe natural disasters, there wasn’t any clean water to drink, so they had to count on bottled water. In fact, according to IBWA article “Bottled Water Industry provide assistance to Haitian relief efforts,” it stated that, “Throughout the years, bottled water companies have immediately responded to the need for clean water after natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, the earthquakes and wildfires in the West, or the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. More recently, our companies provided bottled water to those in the aftermath of the 2009 spring flooding in the Midwest.” This clearly proves that bottled water saves lives because in all of these disasters there wasn’t any clean water, and if you drink the dirty water you can die by diseases like cholera, malaria, and Typhoid. Also, if you don’t drink any water you can die by dehydration but if you have bottled water you can’t die from either of those ways. Bottle water is purified and it’s water so that clearly shows bottled water saves lives. Another instance bottled water saves lives is that different people around the world they doesn’t have as much of water as America has, the only water they have is dirty tap water, and that can seriously kill you. In the The Water Project Foundation article, “Bottle Water - Making a Clear Choice”, it clearly states, “But for nearly 1 billion people...there is no choice. All they have is dirty, diseased water that is miles away from home.” This means that bottled water saves...

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