The Importance Of Bottled Water In The World

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“The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion
and the will to help others.” -Albert Schweitzer.
Currently in the United States environmental activists are trying to ban bottled water. Their reasons are very understandable. Water bottles spend years in land waste facilities after being used, and this is bad for the environment, but, people depend on the manufacturing of bottled water. Through statistics, and people’s opinions, this article will show you the importance of water bottles and how people around the world are so dependent on bottled water, although this does not affect you or me.
For some people in third-world countries bottled water is a life-or-death necessity and they couldn’t survive without it. The Scholastic article, Is Bottled Water Really Better? brings up the startling statistic that throughout the world 780 million people do not have access to safe water, a portion of those people depend on bottled water to stay alive. If we banned bottled water then that portion of 780 million people would have to resort to their own supplies which could result in them getting seriously ill or even die. Yearly, 1.4 million children die from unavailable, clean drinking water; and 3.6 million a year from water-related diseases, 84% children, 98% are living in the developing world, says. Children are dying because they don’t have access to clean drinking water, children that could grow up and do something great in this world. They don’t have the chance to do this though because they end up dying. We lose so many people and if we supplied bottled water to them we could decrease that. Some places in the world depend on bottled water so this doesn’t end up happening to their children; if we quit supplying bottled water then those statistics would increase.
Using bottled water is a commodity that people have gotten used to: taking it away would be wrong and unfair to the people who have been using it for years. According to, “bottled water is a commodity that people want to buy, making it not a waste”. You are not forced to buy bottled water…it is your own choice; therefore it is not a waste of money for the people across the world to buy bottled water. You can either buy it because you like it and you don’t mind paying for it or you don’t have to buy it and not pay for it. also states that “the best thing about bottled water is the portability. We’re always on the move and taking the time to look for a water fountain can be out of the question.” People rely on bottled water because of its convenience. It’s a much healthier alternative than bottled, sugary beverages and you can bring it anywhere. Getting rid of bottled water could make people go and drink the sugary beverages, because we wouldn’t have any bottled water available, you have to admit America has an obesity problem…these changes could make it even worse.
Thousands of people work in the bottled water industry and...

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