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Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water Essay

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Whether it is from a bottle or the tap, drinking water is vital for our lives to provide healthy hydration. People decide to purchase bottled water for several reasons, including convenience, quality and taste.
In 1977, Perrier introduced the first bottled water to the U.S. Up until then, it was common for us to drink from water fountains that were found all over. Now that has switched, it is not popular and considered normal to drink bottled water and the public water fountain is a thing of the past. Bottled water is getting more popular and is the healthy beverage icon. How did this happen? Well, the bottled water industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that increases every year. In ...view middle of the document...

Get enough people to question their water quality and boom; that many more bottled water customers. Funny thing is that a lot of bottled water starts from tap water and is simply filtered and in some cases just good tasting tap water! Tap water is heavily regulated to ensure the water is safe. If a situation arises where there is a problem, residents are immediately notified of the situation and instructions to follow. Numerous tests have been performed over the years which have shown that bottled water is not any safer than tap water.
Bottled water manufacturers push restaurants to not serve tap water and go with their bottled water or other beverages. Servers are trained to push the bottled water first as a pure, cold drink.
Bottled water manufacturers use seducing tactics by using eye stimulating bottle labels and cool, super fit people and athletes in their advertising.
Tap water contains chemicals that are not found in bottled water. Bottled water is filtered and purified. Simple water filters containing charcoal assist in removing harmful chemicals and other possible contaminants and also increased taste. In fact, tap water contains important minerals which are not always found in bottled water.
Water fountains – they are the germ factory of the world! Water fountains are laced with germs, don’t use them! Toilets are cleaner than the water fountain! Water fountains have been around since ancient Rome. found to contain many germs but, they are on the...

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