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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Essay

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"India kills her daughters in millions" screamed the headlines in Times of India. What should be a proclamation of joy instead are the three most dreaded words of a new mother - "It's a girl." When did our society that worshipped Goddesses turn to the woman-hating, disgusting society? Infants are killed as soon as they are born. Of those who survive pass the fetus stage, many will die before they turn six. There is a 75% more chance of a girl dying than a boy. That's the highest differential in the world.
So, why do they do this? If the cost of your daughter's wedding was your entire life's savings and maybe more, wouldn’t you think twice about having a daughter then? Would you condemn someone else if they did not want to have a daughter? A few months ago, in Western India, a teenager committed suicide. 19-yr old Priya consumed poison because she was being pestered by her in-laws for money, a lot of money. Five of her family members including her husband have been arrested. In India, this is called 'Dowry Death'. Dowry is a sum of money or gifts that a bride's family pays to the groom’s family at the wedding and it is almost always a very significant amount of money. Dowry was banned 50 years ago, but as a tradition it still very much exists. It's extensively practiced around the country. Sometimes the relatives pester the woman so much even after the wedding, that they, unable to bear the trauma, commit suicide. And sometimes they are even killed. And that ‘is’ a big enough reason for parents to wish for a boy.
In India there are 60 million females missing. That is one-fifth of the total population of USA. We would need 37 million more women, according to the last census, just to equalize the number of men and women in India. We need 23 million women just so that India has a natural sex ratio like most of the world. "200 million women, girls, infants and fetuses have been killed, aborted or abandoned through deliberate acts of extermination which is more than all the casualties of World War I and II combined. India and China are the leading countries responsible for the maximum number of deaths, eliminating more girls than the number of girls born in America." says Asha Vishwanathan, (quoted in Femicide: The Silent Genocide in India, 8 August 2013). Keeping aside the human rights violation involved, a skewed sex ratio of only 877 females for 1000 males is a precursor to various other societal ills. Consider the impact of this. It has created an epidemic of sex trafficking. 70,000 girls were kidnapped from their homes to be sold as child brides to families, who otherwise would have no hopes for finding wives for their sons. An India Today article reads “A woman costs Rs.30,000, a buffalo Rs.70,000″. As the demographic divide widens between men and women, men simply can't find brides in their region. There are more ‘free’ unattached men in a society, leading to an increased crime rate, depression, sexual attacks on women and prostitution. With...

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