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Bound And Bitten Essay

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The torn cover from the latest entertainment magazine lies discarded in the gutters of a busy New York street, dirt covered and barely visible it shows the picture of the newest acting sensation to hit the streets. Raven Queen a virtual unknown until she was discovered three years ago acting in a small town theater in a town so small you couldn't find it on a map..

Elevated from being virtually unknown to being the name on everyones lips, Raven is still living the dream, having gone from living in a ghost town to the bustling city of New York. The first paycheck she received went on a the down payment to her dream house.

A black Sedan sits parked across the street from the house of Raven ...view middle of the document...

finishing her last lap, she stops to rest at the side of the pool, before climbing out and grabbing her towel. then draping it around her neck walks towards the kitchen. Entering the kitchen she heads towards the refrigerator, and opening the door leans in to grab a bottle of water. not noticing the presence stalking towards her,

A ragged chloroform soaked cloth grasped in her right hand, she puts her arm around Raven's neck and places the rag against her mouth, tightening her grip around her neck, forcing her to inhale the vapors. with the last thing Raven hears before everything turns dark being a seductive female voice saying "Lights out princess"

Bending over towards the now unconscious form of Raven she begins tying her hands and feet, before gagging and blindfolding her, and moving her prone body over to the couch to wait for nightfall and the cover of darkness. Looking out the window to make sure nobody would spot her and no cars were passing carries Raven over her shoulder to the waiting car and dumps her into the boot before locking it and driving away slowly so as to not attract any attention making her way to the place where her new toy would be spending the next few months of her life at.

Driving up to the gates of her private estate, she pressed the remote that opened the gates and drove up the driveway to the house making sure the gates locked behind her. Getting out of the car and making her way over to the boot, she unlocks it and reaches in pulling out the still unconscious Raven Queen then slings her over her shoulder and unlocks the front door before carrying her into the house, locking the door behind her, she climbs upstairs and makes her way towards to the corner bedroom before dumping Raven onto the bed and securing her with ropes to the bed. checking to make sure they were tight, then leaves the bedroom and closes the door quietly.

Hours passed and Raven eventually awoke to find herself tied to a bed and the cold silk of the blindfold tight against her eyes leaving herself in total darkness, panicking she tries to free herself by rubbing her face against the mattress of the bed shes tied to but find herself unable to dislodge it. she attempts to free herself from the ropes that binds her to the bed, tiring herself out she finally...

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