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What is said By Akhenaten on the stone, because in the cliff walls at Akhetaten, Akhenaten states the entire city specifications, and these can be found on what are today the boundary stelae. For example “year 6 defines the dimensions of the city’s territory, which measured from the stelae on the east bank across to those stela on the west bank carved into the cliffs” (Boundary Stelae). “Dated and left by Akhenaten, state that in the beginning in the eighth year he recorded a Royal visit to the Stelae, this visit is commemorated and is found on stela L” (Boundary Stelae). Another section of the Stela, have Akhenaten letting all know his intention of never crossing the border that has been ...view middle of the document...

There are hands at the base of the rays coming from the Aten. One speculation explains this by saying Akhenaten and royal family alone were permitted to worship the Aten others could only worship through them. A different concept if that were the case as prior Egyptian History has shown there is no difference in this concept from the earlier Pharaohs who were considered God, or absolute god, and even God upon his death, and so on. Perhaps as earlier stated that the Aten Akhenaten is referring to is his own father so stating (Boundary Stele 2014:7) I alone know you no other, perhaps it is his father he is talking to on the other side. Having had many previous discussions with his father it is not unlikely they had not discussed some of his plans. Perhaps it is just his prayer to the Aten even spiritualists love positive affirmations as they are empowering. Why then could it not also be what he was doing? Akhenaten refers to how he speaks the truth in affirmations, is that not what one does, says something until they believe it in order to make it so?
Akhenaten felt that the Sun was life and the Sun brings life to all who want it if the just ask and then reach out and accept what is being offered. Who can worship the Aten? Akhenaten tried to show that anyone could worship the Aten. An example of this is found in an interpretation of the family scenes of Akhenaten and Nefertiti with the children asking for and accepting the blessings and life force offered by the Aten. It appears in most of the icons and images where Akhenaten is “worshipping “the Aten, by his very example, showing how it is done and in saying to the Egyptian people look at me as I do this see it is “So easy children can do it. This can be exemplified in other images where Nefertiti and the Princesses are in fact “worshipping “the Aten as well.
I also believe that the religion seems to be more based on spiritualism as well as scholarly thought; therefore it would be an evolving of one’s mind expands. This theory is based on information provided by the simplified explanation of the Hermetic Religion, that those still practicing today accredit him with the core of their faith (Church of Light). It has been said that in trying to understand Akhenaten, you need to understand that you are also investigating the very nature of “Egyptian imagination, and as a point of comparison our own and the many outlets that people find for mental energy, prominent among them being religious development” (Kemp 2012:25). Akhenaten philosophy and its emphasis on the present, with rejection to mysteries in favor of reality, and its insistence on the singleness of divinity, I agree with Arnold when she said it seems to correlate more readily with modern thoughts than concepts with in the traditional Egyptian theology (Arnold 1997:5). Arnold also states that Akhenaten’s single minded view of the Universe is said to have been less a religion and more of a natural philosophy (Arnold 1997:5). “The...

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