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Bowen Family Systems Theory Essay

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Bowen incorporated a theoretical scale for differentiation evaluation. A person with a lesser degree of undifferentiation has a weak identity or weak sense of self (Fritzlan, 1990). The larger amount of undifferentiation or differentiated, a person is more fused with others and has a common sense of self. An example is a person with a strong sense of themselves has the ability to express themselves clearly, which Bowen calls the solid self (Fritzlan, 1990). Bowen indicates this type of person will not compromise their self or beliefs for their family or other people. A person on the low end of scale below tend to have their emotions and intellect blending into their life and are controlled ...view middle of the document...

The fusion factor occurs when an individual’s emotional and intellect is fused and individuality is lost (Gladding, 2011). The I position is the competence to create I statements which express feelings and thoughts in a manner which encourages others to be expressive of their thoughts and opinions (Gladding, 2011). The I statement or I positions is used correctly then a person can express their feelings in a way which is fairly well received (I have always had positive experience when using an I statement).
Family Projection
The concept of family projection is how a parent transmits their emotional problems onto their children (Bowen Theory, 2014). The process of projection impairs the children functioning and can cause other psychological problems (Bowen Theory, 2014).The process of projection follows three specific steps (Bowen Theory, 2014). The first step is a parent will focus on their child for fear there may be something wrong with their child (Bowen Theory, 2014). The second step is the parent interpret a child’s behaviors as confirmation of the parent’s fear (Bowen Theory, 2014). The third step is the parent will treat their child as if the child has something wrong because the parent interpreted the child’s behavior incorrectly (Bowen Theory, 2014). A summary of the three steps of family projection is scanning the child, diagnosing the child and treating the child. Family projections can be detrimental to a child’s development and behaviors because the child will begin to mirror the parent’s perceptions (Bowen Theory, 2014).
Multigenerational Transmission Process
The concept of multigenerational transmission process is described as small variances in the levels of differentiation among parents and offspring lead to many generations and specific differences in differentiation among multigenerational family members (Bowen Theory, 2014). The concept of multigenerational transmission process is information transferred through the generations by family relationships. Information transferred through the generations can be on conscious and unconscious level. A conscious level can be teaching other family member whereas an unconscious level is emotional behaviors or reactions (Bowen Theory, 2014). Parents actively shape their children while children respond to their parent attitudes, moods and actions. The consequence of parents shaping their children is parents cause their children to have the same level of differentiation as the parents. The children may then seek out mates with the same level of differentiation as mentioned in nuclear family emotional process. The levels of differentiation becomes more distinct over multigenerational as the differentiation is repeated through generations (Bowen Theory, 2014). The different levels of differentiation can affect the whole life functions of a multigenerational family from marital stability, longevity, health, reproduction, educational success or failure, and occupational success (Bowen...

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