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Bowen’s Family Theory Transgenerational Model, And The Structural Model

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This paper will look at the following family by correlating Bowen’s Family Theory Transgenerational Model, and The Structural Model. The subjects of the case are Jan and John. The study describes the couple as Caucasians of Polish descent, both on their first marriage; they share three adult children who live in the same household. Their youngest child is a single mother with a four-year-old child. This couple is seeking marriage therapy for issues’ affecting their relationship, the roots of their problem extends deeply beyond the relationship and histories. Jan and John’s relationship issues involve direct emotional abuse and hostility. This is the first time this family sought marital and family therapy. Jan exhibits symptoms of abused wife syndrome while John blames Jan’s inattention to his needs for his hostility and control issues. The oldest child is Jennifer, the middle child is John, and the youngest child is Julie and her son’s name is Jaccob.
The case study outlines key behavioral and social aspects influencing the relationship. The Martial and Family therapist will be taking a family systems approach to address the main issues the family is experiencing. For instance, John’s father was emotionally abusive, which is a factor for a biological predisposition to emotional abuse and hostility. Jan’s abused wife syndrome is not only due to her relationship with John, but is drawn to issues of low self-esteem because of the negativity she faces daily. However, Jan needs to learn more independence, self-respect to boost her self-esteem. She is so controlled by her husband and that she needs to learn that she is worthy of love and respect.
Jan was a homemaker and raised her children, while her husband was a workaholic and was rarely there with his children growing up. He was more of a provider than a father, and it was difficult for the mother at times, however her mother lived with the family. Her mother moved in with them after her husband died. Grandma Jennie was a huge inspiration to the children growing up, helping with homework, entertaining, doing arts and crafts projects the children received the support they needed, since their father was not always around and too busy working. The children’s grandma was always there when they needed her and helped them with issues or struggles that they may have had. Growing up was different compared to now, it has been difficult for the family to get along with each other. Research shows that husbands who have negative social interaction with others and wives with heavy workloads predicted more negativity in the martial relationships (Schermerhorn, Chow, & Cummings, 2010).
However now, the family has no boundaries, lacks communication skills and struggles with following rules. There would be no point to create rules in this family because no one would follow them. Another thing this family is lacking and there is no support system and none of the siblings is close to each...

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