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Box Jelly Fish Known As Cuboza

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Box Jelly fish is a special type of jelly fish. It is also known as Cubozoa. The scientific for this particular organism is Chironex fleckeri. These jelly fish look really beautiful and elegant but they are very lethal.They are extremely dangerous organisms. They have the ability to instantly stun or kill their prey.Their tentacles have certain toxins that manipulate the organisms nervous system and shut it down that does not allow the organism to breathe properly and as a result of which the organism chokes and dies. When the jelly fish inserts the toxin into the organism from its tentacles it can also paralyze the organism which makes it impossible for the organism to find a way to escape. The toxin released into the organism does not allow the muscles to contract or relax and without the relaxation and contraction of muscles the trapped organism cannot move(paralyzed).
These Box jelly fishes are also sea wasps and marine stingers. They are mostly found in the coastal waters of Northern Australia and throughout the Indo Pacific. They are pale blue and transparent in color. They get their name from their cube like shape of their bell. These jelly fishes can have up to fifteen tentacles that grow from each corner of the bell and each tentacle can reach about ten feet(3 metres) in length. Each tentacle has about five thousand stinging cells. These stinging cells are activated not by touch but by the presence of a chemical on the outer layer of its prey.
The venom of the box jelly fish is regarded as one of the most deadly in the world. The venom contains various toxins that attack the nervous system, skin cells and and heart. The venom is overwhelmingly powerful and strong that the organism can even die instantly. The speed at which the venom circulates through the organism’s body is just ridiculous. Even when humans are stung by this jelly fish, they get paralyzed instantly and drown to death. The ones who do survive have spoken that the sting is extremely painful and it is just unimaginable. The pain remains for weeks and the sting leaves a scar on the skin.
Unfortunately, these box jelly fishes do not live a long life in the wild. Their life span is only about one year in the wild.
The only organism that is immune to the toxin other than the box jelly fish itself is the Sea Turtle. Therefore, the only predator that can actually eat these box jelly fish is the Sea turtle. These box jelly fishes are up to ten feet length and ten inches in breadth. They can weigh up to four and a half pounds (two kilo grams). Box jellies are highly advanced when compared to other jelly fishes. They have developed the ability to move in water rather than just drift around in the ocean.These box jellies can travel up to four knots through water. They also have eyes grouped in clusters of six on the four sides of their bell body. Each cluster includes a pair of eyes with a highly powerful lens,retina,iris and cornea....

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