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Boy And Girl Essay

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Socioeconomic status is an integral part of social service research, but it is often considered separate and apart from race (Adelman, 2004). Research suggested that financial and mortgage distress is not limited to a particular race or ethnic group.


Formal and informal educational levels could be a determining factor for how many families manage their finances and deal with the experience of economic hardships. Research suggested that understanding finances plays a role in accumulation of assets, shapes individuals’ attitudes, behaviors, and the decisions that affect their well being financially and socially (Grinstein, Spader, Clinton, & Freeze, 2012). A sample of 2,100 (n=2,100) participants were recruited to participate in the study. The findings indicated that higher levels of financial teaching in childhood by parents the more likely the individual will experience better mortgage loan performance, reduced loan delinquency, and foreclosure (p. ...view middle of the document...

S. service members are parents. Research suggested that deployment is a significant stressor for families. In the case of children’s experience, children will depend on the remaining parent. The remaining parent is at a higher risk for experiencing distress in the form of depression and anxiety (Eaton et al., 2008). A study was conducted on a sample of 940 spouses seeking care in a primary clinic or attending a Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting. The findings indicated that spouses are much more likely to seek care mental health treatment than the enlisted service persons. Secondly, primary care physicians providing services on post provided a sustainable amount of mental health services. Lastly, the study found that spouses providing the primary care for the children exhibited similar rates of mental health problems as soldiers returning from war.

Monthly Household Income

High debt-to-asset ratio and low-income causes parents to become emotionally distress, disengaged, and conflict occur among caregivers (Weiss & et. al, 2010).

Number of People Living in the Household

The economic challenges faced by many families during difficult economic times are causing families to consider creative ways to minimize their financial obligations (i.e., paying for food and shelter). For many families, moving in with relatives could be their only alternative to lack of stable housing or homelessness. A study conducted by Cutts et al. (2011) examined the relationship between health of very young children and housing insecurity. Housing insecurity has been defined as either living in crowded housing or moving multiple times throughout the year. A cross-sectional study was used on a sample of 22,069 participants. The finding indicated that 46% of the sample experienced housing insecurity, 41% of the sample reported crowding, and 5 % had experienced multiple moves in the previous year. Food insecurity was found in 7% with secure housing, 17 % of families living in crowded conditions, and 19% among families with a history of multiple moves. Consequently, housing insecurity was associated with household and childhood food insecurity, poor health and increased hospitalizations, developmental delays, and lower weight among very young children, and mother’s risk for depressive symptoms (Cutts et al., 2011).

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