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Boy's State Essay

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“I brought you guys here for better”. These are the words my mother told me many times as a boy and again not long ago. My mother has always pushed me in my education, and I finally realized that my junior year of high school. My grades in everything were outstanding this year, but I was still missing out on something. I was still not very involved in school. One day an individual from the American Legion came to our school to talk to all the juniors. He told us about an event that happens every year and in every state. It was a prestigious event to be accepted to. Having no real involvement in anything, I did not think for a second that I would be accepted, but, regardless, I applied, and ...view middle of the document...

A loud speaker interrupted our conversation, and the person speaking announced to everyone, all 60 of us, to go outside with their designated cities. We were put in formation taught how to march. Throughout the whole ordeal, I was just asking myself “why did I decided to come to this?” We were all briefed on how the week would play out. Hearing about the government classes and the fact that we had to march everywhere made me irritated, but then learning about all the games and free time we would be rewarded boosted my morale. With our new set of marching skills, we were off to start the week. The counselor in charge Yeager sent us to our city building, where are dorms were, and we all gathered up to begin getting to know each other as well as to elect people into positions of authority in our city. There were so many positions available like: sports director, a city lawyer, county commissioner, city guard, city medic, and so many more. Obviously none of us were actually qualified for these titles, but getting the spot still didn’t hurt. If a person won a position, they would be able to run for another, so I waited because I wanted the highest ranking position, Mayor of Yeager City. I knew I had to have some sort of strategy. I began talking to as many people as I could in order to try and secure their vote. Seeing as how we were from all around the state, it was a little difficult to have something in common with all of them, but I managed. When the time came to the position of mayor, my hand shot into the air. Three of us were put in front of everyone, and we had to give a speech telling about our accomplishments and goals in life. I was the last one to speak; I didn’t sugarcoat anything. I let everyone know I had not accomplished much in my high school career, but I did tell them about what I planned to do my senior year and about my future goals in life. When it came time to vote, I was three votes shy of winning. Although I lost, it felt very good to know so many of the guys had confidence in me after my speech. We were sent back to our building to do whatever we wanted with our last two hours of that first day. Our city gathered up, and we all talked, laughed, and had a good time. I went to my room ten minutes before our curfew, and laid in bed. Instantly I was hit with the realization that I was eight hours from my home, and I was surrounded by complete strangers. The thought was very strange at first, but I knew that was how college is going to be, so I might as well get used to it.

The next day we were up early, had breakfast, and we were off to our first class. I dreaded the fact that I was going to have a school scenario to start my summer, but I was soon feeling much better about it. The instructor told us about some of the history of Boy’s State, and how much of an honor it was for us to be here. I soon started realizing how lucky I was to even be there. All the adults there, including the instructor, were veterans. He was a very...

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