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'boy: Tales Of Childhood' Book Review

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‘Boy: Tales of Childhood’

‘Boy: Tales of Childhood’ is an autobiographical novel, written by the award-winning children’s author, Roald Dahl. Dahl has published and sold a multitude of novels for children worldwide. ‘Boy’ is the first instalment in the autobiographical series about his life and ‘Going Solo’ is the second and final novel in the series. ‘Going solo’ outlines the latter part of his life, whereas ‘Boy’, recounts the early stages of his life and how he grew up in the public schooling system at the time.

‘Boy: Tales of Childhood’ follows the life of Roald Dahl, a children’s author who, to this date, has published forty eight novels and many more screenplay and movie ...view middle of the document...

After living with the disability for many years, he started a ship broking firm and became a highly successful business man.

The second theme, Nostalgia, is frequently expressed by Roald Dahl throughout ‘Boy: Tales of Childhood’. In the novel, Dahl frequently draws in the reader by evoking their sense of nostalgia and longing for the joys of childhood. He writes about the activities he enjoyed as a child and the inspirations for many of his novels. During his years at Repton’s, Cadbury would send boxes of chocolate to students for tasting. Tasting the variety of chocolate spiked his obsession and later inspired him to write Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, Dahl spent the majority of his summer holidays with his mother’s family in Norway. Dahl has many fond memories of these visits, such as replacing the tobacco in his half–sister's fiancé's pipe with goat’s droppings. His only unhappy memory of these trips to Norway was when he had his adenoids removed without anaesthetic to ease the pain.

Mrs Pratchett, the lady that owned the sweet shop in Llandaff, was a grumpy old woman, who never smiled or greeted the children that entered her shop. The only words that left her brown and rotting lips were those of mockery and disgust towards children. She wore a disgusting apron, which, due to lack of washing, had gathered dirt, grime, and splotches of food and drink. Her hair was...

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