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Taking another box of books Nathan jumped out of the van and took them inside. Bo on the other hand was hoping to see Louis's imminent return any time now and waited at the end of the alley.
“There he is Nathan,” he yelled waving his brother over to prove he wasn't lying.
Coming out of the store he joined his brother and began to laugh as they watched Louis coming down the street. He was easy to spot since he was the one with boxes piled past his eyes weaving left and right through the busy sidewalk. Bo watched in terror as Louis took quick and sharp turns, making it look like the boxes could tumble any second. Getting closer they both could hear the apologies and numerous “Excuse me” as he neared. Finally, he crossed the street and met them with boxes intact and teas not missing a drop.
“Get enough?” Nathan asked relieving some of his burden.
Knowingtreats were in those boxes, Bo eagerly followed like a lap dog as Louis became increasingly frustrated. “Shoo, shoo Marmaduke,” he yelled kicking at him.
Chuckling Nathan followed them inside and set his boxes down with the rest.
Slapping at his brother's hands that kept grabbing at the boxes Louis looked at his other brother. “You know how much dis boy eat? We lucky he not sending us for seconds in an hour.”
“All I have to say is it's about Damn time Cajun,” Bo declared finally hurling him to the side where he tripped and fell to the ground, but at least he was away from the boxes.
“Dey didn't have da doughnuts Bo – Bo,” Louis said calmly lying on the ground.
Walking over to his brother he looked down at him like a child finding no presents under the tree at Christmas. “No doughnuts with the sprinkles?”
Holding his finger up (and still lying on the ground) he gave him the alternative. “But I got dem to make da cupcakes. And, put all da different sprinkles on dem.”
Bo turned to Nathan and admitted with a giant smile. “I do like cupcakes.”
Looking up Louis decided to add to it. “Not too much dis boy don't like. I put da sprinkles on dog poop and he would eat it.”
Suddenly his giant smile turned into a giant frown as he looked down at his brother. “I can put DA sprinkles on you and eat it.”
“Cause you fantasize about eating dis sexy body,” Louis said doing an awkward convoluting like strip tease on the floor. Flipping himself over, he started wiggling his butt up at Bo. “Put da sprinkles on dese cupcakes big boy.”
Bringing down his colossal foot over top of Louis, who once again with lightning speed disappeared, caused Bo, to once again break the floor. Nathan could only moan and shake his head. Louis appeared a few feet away now standing and wiggling his butt making disturbing moaning sounds.
Smiling at how silly he looked Bo decided he would rather be eating and returned to the counter. “There is something seriously wrong with that boy,” he said putting any box to the side that didn't have cupcakes in it.
Appearing in front of them both with the same blinding speed he held two trays of cups. “And...

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