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Having someone to love and to be loved by in return is a feeling every woman wants to have. Having a boyfriend is a special time in a woman's life because it is the only time a woman engages in a relationship that is different than the one shared with friends and family. Having a boyfriend means classifying his behavior towards women. Usually boyfriends fall into three categories: a cheating boyfriend, an abusing boyfriend, or a committing boyfriend. First, a cheating boyfriend is a person who only loves one person, himself. A cheating boyfriend will do anything to please himself. For example, a cheating boyfriend will lie to his woman about everything, for instance where he has been. A cheating boyfriend will also lie to his woman about relationships with other women. In addition, a cheating boyfriend will lie to his woman about the amount of money he makes or how much money he has spent, because usually he is spending his money on other women. Also, a cheating boyfriend will not give his home phone number or address out to another women he is interested in. For instance, a cheating boyfriend usually has a cellular phone or pager as a way of communicating because he does not want other women calling his home. A cheating boyfriend always has children with many women because of his infidelities. In addition, a cheating boyfriend never remembers the lies he has told, and eventually he will get caught. Furthermore, a woman will evaluate a boyfriend's behavior to see if he has a habit of abusing women. The abusive boyfriend has the same similarities as the cheating boyfriend. The abusive boyfriend cares only of himself. Also, an abusive will use all that he knows to oppress his woman. For instance, an abusive boyfriend will verbally abuse his girlfriend by insulting her intelligence, her beauty, family members, or friends. A verbally abusive boyfriend's mission is to make his woman's life miserable, at the same time manipulate his woman to thinking that he is all his woman has. In addition, there is the mentally abusive boyfriend his motives are the same as the verbally abusive boyfriend. Yet, he manipulates his woman mentally to think everything wrong that happens in the relationship is the woman's fault. For example, a boyfriend who mentally abuses his woman has his woman to believe any argument they may have and his reactions to their disagreement are the woman's entire fault. Another pattern of an abusive boyfriend is the emotionally abusive boyfriend. An emotionally abusive boyfriend keeps his woman from expressing any kind of emotion outside the relationship. For instance, a...

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