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Boys Are Bad People Essay

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This T-Shirt specifically target Reef because of the images shown on the T-Shirt such as cigarettes, a glass of beer and knife with blood. These objects are the identity of bad people. They smoke because they want to act cool. They drink because they desire to capture rid of painful memories. This was Reef. With the influence of his friends he always made the wrong choice for himself. When others smoked or drink, he always did the same. The biggest mistake he made was to hurt Leeza physically. For this, the knife is shown with the blood. Equally a person knows the knife is employed for pouring down or injuring a soul. It hurts when it goes through someone’s body. It was this knife that went ...view middle of the document...

Then, a heart in between them is a symbol of love. This symbol shows how Reef was very caring too. This challenges the stereotype of boys that a person can change. Reef changed himself as a person after making so many mistakes. As this symbol is on the opposite side of the shirt good is opposite of bad.

The role of a Reef in the book is shown as a bad character. He is shown as a boy who used to smoke, do illegal things and hurt people. “He pulled a pack of Rothmans from his other pocket and tapped out a cigarette, then offered one to each of his friends”(Aker, 8). The Reef was the leader in doing this. He doesn’t care how much it hurts a person. He is killing himself along with others. Teenagers follow other teenagers. One time, when one of their friends didn’t drink alcohol, they all laughed at him. Reef knows smoking has many disadvantages, but still he doesn’t stop. Another, illegal act he did was to drink an alcohol. “By the time they got to the Pit, they’d slowed to a walk, sharing swallows from the bottle they’d snagged off earlier off a bum Wickham”(Aker, 4). Reef knows his grandmother never swallowed a drop of alcohol, then why does he do it? Does he only remember the memories of Nan? But does he also know how to follow this? This is not what her grandmother taught him. It is what her grandfather taught him. The author of the First Stone highlights in this book that all boys are the same. Even though, Reef mostly used to spent time his grandmother, however, the author showed he followed his grandfather. He was abusive so, as Reef. Also, Reef remembers his grandfather rules, “What don’t kill you makes you stronger” (Aker, 58). Because his grandfather himself went onto the wrong path, he told others to do the same. He followed this rule in his life and expect others to do the same. This rule teaches anything that doesn’t stop anyone doing something wrong gives a person more strength. Why Reef couldn’t stop doing anything illegal? Because there wasn’t anyone their stop him. This gave him more power to do anything he wants. One day, he caused another person a lot of injuries by just following this rule. Then, when he got the punishment for this act he regretted why his grandfather taught him this. First, he participated in doing...

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