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Boys Don't Understand Girls' Depression Essay

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You know boys always say that girls have these break downs where they think the girls are just on their period. what if they didn't know the girl that they loved had Depression and Self Harmed and the reason she has break downs is because she hates that she has to be so damn difficult. She wishes she was normal because during school she see's how happy and perfect all the other girls are. How they always smile and couldn't be even more perfect! She wants that but she is to weak to even deal with her feeling she couldn't be able to deal with all those people always wanting to be with her. She is scared and lonely and feels like there is no hope. She is trapped in her own world that she will ...view middle of the document...

As you're dragging her to the floor, she see's your Dad's pocket knife.She grabs it and before she goes to stab you, she tells you that if you don't stop she will stab you. You don't listen to her you think that doesn't have to nerve to hurt you because you know she loves you. She stabs you! You scream as she gets up and grabs her clothes and runs home. You laying there in so much pain, you try to pull the knife out but it's too deep to deal with the pain. You stumble to grab your pants and you try to put them on but the pain is too much. You fall of the floor crying thinking that your going to die but it was just your arm you can't die from that. But then you think about your big football game you have in two days before you can even scream for help you pass out .

When you wake up you're in the hospital, you can see your mom outside crying. you look over and see your doctor staring at you. He shakes his head and shows you a picture of Her. The girl you just raped, the girl that you loved. He starts to cry even more than your mom who is outside your hospital room door. He ask why? you don't answer, he tells you something that changes everything. That you hurt his baby girl, When you look up at him you see his name tag and his last name is White just like her's. You can't even think the only thing you say is that you loved her. When her dad looks at you he gives you a letter. The letter has a kiss with red lipstick on it, you open it and you start to read you can't believe what you are reading. You feel like there is a knot in your stomach, you can't even cry its like your body is in shock. You try to cry but all that comes out is a scream and you keep screaming because you don't even know what to do. You can't believe she would just leave like...

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