Boyz In The Hood Movie Review

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Boyz N the Hood is a film about the struggles and adversity young African-American youths must conquer to survive in South Central Los Angeles. It is a story of three young friends that live in the "Hood", where guns, drugs, and death run rampant. Throughout this essay I will try to show how having a father figure or a person for guidance can lead a child, no matter the race or class down the right path to success. As well, show how children of different races and lower classes then other children must grow up and mature more quickly then other children their age. Also, I will show how three friends can be really close, yet all have different goals and futures planned for them, if it be professional football player and father, a gang member, or a happily married man. These three friends Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr), Darren a.k.a Doughboy (Ice Cube), and Ricky (Morris Chestnut) came from the same race and class, yet have had different responsibilities and advice that has helped them turn into the man they are at the end of the film.The film begins showing the struggles of young African-American youth while growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Children in this atmosphere must grow up quickly and encounter situations that most children of the same age wouldn't see in there entire lifetimes where they grow up. The first scene in this film shows four young black African-American kids that encounter a dead body in a local neighborhood alley. These children stay relatively calm and seem actually interested in what they have found. This is interesting because you would think they would be scared and even disgusted, but they are the exact opposite. These children seem to be familiar with this type of discovery and have been in this situation before. Most children would react differently when coming across a scenario like the one mentioned above. Children from different backgrounds and classes would react differently then the four children in the film. A group of Caucasian youth from Beverly Hills that weren't used to death and violence would react in a different matter then youth that are used to violence and death daily occurrence.Later in this film Tre, still a young boy is sent to live with his father Furious (Larry Fishbourne) in another neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles because he was starting down the wrong path while with her. Tre's mother was worried that if he were to stay with her he would end up as a drunk, a drug dealer, or even dead. Furious wanted Tre to have the chance to live with him so he could teach him to be a man and have some responsibilities while he grew up. Furious gave Tre chores, rules, and advice that he hoped would lead Tre to become a successful man and not a thief or murderer. Furious felt that if Tre had responsibility in his life he would stay out of trouble and grow up as an individual and not a follower like many kids in the area are. The way Furious handles his son is admirable and the way that I feel most young...

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