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Boyz N The Hood Essay

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Boyz N The Hood"Boyz N The Hood" is a 1991 film written and directed by John Singleton, that chronicles the lives of three black males growing up in South Central, Los Angeles. The movie begins by stating two statistics about the state of violence within South Central, LA, which are vital to the overall theme of the film and its portrayal of life for black men in the hood; those statistics being that one out of every twenty-one black American males will be murdered in their lifetime, and that most will die at the hands of another black male. The fact that the movie is introduced in this manner provides audiences with an idea of what the film seeks to highlight as integral issues within the black community, using South Central as a focal point to shed light on the predisposition black males have to succumb to the worst of their less than ideal environments across America. In a neighborhood where drugs, alcohol, sex, and murder reign supreme, and where the police are predisposed to discriminate against black male youths, the three young men must decide what avenues to take. Each character represents a different alternative and depicts not just the social conditions of South Central, LA, but the universal struggle with survival that is paired with being a black man in America.The opening scene introduces audiences to Tre Styles, who is one of the three main characters of the film. In the beginning Tre is depicted as a 10 year old who struggles with anger and aggression, living with his single mother, Reva. He gets into a fight in school which results in his mother sending him to live with his father, Furious. During the car ride to Furious' home Reva assures him of her love and expresses why she feels this relocation is necessary. "I just don't wanna see you end up dead, or in jail, or drunk standin' in front of one of these liquor stores. Can you understand that?" This dialogue is important in that it clearly describes what Tre's mother sees as viable conclusions to her son's life, as well as acknowledging that she wants her son to understand she is not abandoning him, rather sending him to live with his father in hopes that he will avoid the fate of his environment. Upon arrival to Furious' house, this sentiment is further expressed when Reva says to Furious, "I can't teach him how to be a man." The presence of Furious in Tre's life is important in that more often than not, young black males are raised without the necessary presence of their fathers. Furious becomes an important character throughout Tre's life - as well as the film - because he provides a level of consciousness, integrity, and responsibility that is void within the lives of the other two young male characters. His character further distorts social reality in this consciousness as it provides not just an example of a positive male figure but a renowned example of patriarchy in the form of a young father who is equal parts conscious of his positon as a black man and willing to share...

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