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Diagnosing Conflict caused by the BP rig explosion of spring 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico and analyzing it through the Triangle of Satisfaction was a challenging endeavor. Looking through the eyes of BP, the State of Louisiana and the US Federal government I first identified the motivating factors from each perspective.
British Petroleum
BP is a powerful mega-organization, with a business model that reports “their belief of achieving sustainable success as a group, is to act in the long term-term interest of our shareholders, our partners and society”. I would just like to note that society is the last rung on the bottom of the ladder. “They aim to create value for our investors and benefits ...view middle of the document...

1%. 1.3 billion pounds of finfish and shellfish were produced from the waters of the gulf. Domestically, 75% of shrimp output come from the Gulf of Mexico. The State of Louisiana will feel the effects of the rig explosion to the tune of approximately $2.4 billion (New England Aquarium, www.neaq.org).
State of Louisiana
Louisiana motivating factor is also money. Money needed to feed their families and pay their bills and fuel their economy. The impact on the economy was devastating for the tourism industry, as well. Louisiana businesses, from hotels to sport fishing boats depend on white sands and clear water not oil contamination.
Further, the State of Louisiana is concerned about the stigma associated with the spill and the years needed for the cleanup and how it will negatively impact their livelihood. The shrimping industry quickly felt the brunt of the spill. State and Federal beaches were closed May 2010 to fishing, at the beginning of their season shrimping season. They have a direct interest in stopping the leak, at any cost. Many other environmental concerns and fears arose, which was of interest to the US Federal government.
US Federal Government
The US Federal Government knows the damage is not inconsequential. According to the Department of Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, “This is a vital national priority and we cannot and will not rest until BP has capped the well and controlled the spill” (Dittrick, 2010). President Obama reported the federal government is in it “for the long haul” dealing with the economic and environmental impact on the Gulf of Mexico (United States, 2010).
The motivating factor for the government was, ensuring that BP stop the leak as quickly as possible to cause no further damage to the Gulf waters, a Louisiana’s economy and making BP accountable financial to the Gulf.
Employing the Triangle of Satisfaction, the next step is to find common interest. Stopping the leak was the common denominator for all parties and BP was in responsible to stop the leak. Unfortunately, “other than the lengthy process of drilling a relief well, BP had no available, tested technique to stop a deep-water blowout” (Snow, 2010). A lot of time and energy were wasted while the oil continued to flow into the Gulf.
The Federal Government changed its...

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