Bp Oil Spill And The Legal Action Taken Cj 483 Essay

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BP Oil Spill
The BP oil spill occurred on April 20th, 2010 in the Gulf and is the largest oil spill in the ocean to date. 4.9 million barrels were spilled and it was only declared to be done spilling on 87 days later(Goguen,1). The BP Oil spill was caused by methane gas rising into the drilling rig where it caught fire and exploded and oil began pouring out. 11 employees were never found and have been declared to have been killed in the explosion. People who got together to clean up the oil spill began suffering from muscle spasms and short term memory loss (Goguen,1).
The Transocean which owns Deepwater Horizon faced 120 lawsuits in May of 2010 and most of the lawsuits were class action lawsuits by business owners for financial losses due to the oil spill and the United Kingdom reported over 130 lawsuits had been filed against BP and these lawsuits were filed by fisherman and resorts who had lost tremendous amounts of business and income due to the oil spill (Shelloh, 2016).BP requested the case take place in Houston but it was determined to take place in Louisiana where the oil spill had deeply affected the coastline. BP is insured through Jupiter...

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