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In 2010, there was a huge oil spill near the Gulf of Mexico that we now know as the BP Oil Spill today. The Spill sent about 170 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The spill killed 11 men aboard the deep-water Horizon. The BP Oil Spill impacted the environment very negatively. There were different types of environmental impact as a result of the Oil Spill, but the two that grabbed my attention the most are the Polluted Air and the Contaminated Food Chain. The first impact that grabbed my attention was the Polluted Air. Because of the Oil Spill, the air around the surroundings neighborhoods was polluted. All the lightest chemicals in the oil that had spill evaporated within hours of the incidence forming air pollution particles. These particles that are in the air poses significant threats to the human health from being inhaled. The chemical found in the particles that was formed is known as Volatile, which has been known to cause respiratory irritation and central nervous system depression (Solomon & Janssen, 2010). The second impact that grabbed my attention was the contamination of the food chain, specifically the food chain of sea animals that lives near the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists found traces of oil in zooplanktons; this could only mean that the sea creature has had contact with the spilled oil. According to the Staff at Houston Business Journal (2012), “Baby fish and shrimp feed on the tiny, drifting zooplankton, and then introduce contamination and pollution to the larger sea creatures in the food web.” With these findings, it isn’t going to take long before the baby fishes become grown and caught by fishermen and before we know it, it’s on our dinner plate. And here we are eating fishes with oil inside them. A chemical named Naphthalene was found in the fishes that were contaminated by the oil. The National Toxicology Program as “reasonably anticipated to cause cancer in humans lists naphthalene” (Solomon & Janssen, 2010). The BP Oil Spill is very hazardous to our health. From getting in contact with the polluted air and eating the contaminated see creature, we are vulnerable to respiratory irritation, central nervous system depression, and cancer.
Through out the whole BP Oil Spill situation, many populations of species got treated unfairly; but the populations of species that rely on scent to find their family were treated most unfairly. These types of species need their sense of smell to sniff out their mother or for the mother, to sniff out the location of her babies. Due to the strong scent of the spilled oil, it over flows the smell of the babies and the mother. Because of this, the mother wouldn’t be able to find her babies and eventually the babies would starve and ultimately die. That’s innocent life going to waste because of somebody’s mistake. Nobody would want their kids to die or anybody’s kids. These babies...

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