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The Power Of The Human Brain

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Humans have been considered the highest form of living things on earth . This is not attributed to the fact that the human body is strong or agile , because there are multiple animals that possess strength and agility far beyond the imagination of humans . The main characteristic that distinguishes humans from all other organisms is the brain . The brain is the powerhouse of the body . However this is also the site of the mind . The mind has been said to give humans superior status over other creatures . With this one significant characteristic, humans have the ability to reason , feel and adapt . Man has crossed many miles stones beyond the capabilities of any other living thing ad there are many more feats to be reached
Structure Of The Brain
The brain has three main parts, the Cerebrum, the Cerebellum, and the Brain Stem, The brain is divided into regions which control specific functions

The Cerebrum is the largest part of the brain , it controls certain fucntions such as perception, imagination , thought ,judgement and decision making . The surface of the Cerebrum (Cerebral cortex) is comprises of six thin layers of neurons , that rest ontop of a large surface of white matter pathways . The cortex is extemerly twisted and coiled to the point that if it is spread out, it might actually take up as much as 2.5 Square feet, and it comprises of 10 billion neurons and about 50 trillion synapses.The furthest part is the frontal lobe and is very important because its responsibility consists of voluntary movement and planning is thought to be the most significant lob for personality and intelligence .Behind the frontal Lobe is the parietal lobe, which includes the somatosensory area which happens to be just behind the sulcus whose function is to separate the lorietal lobe from the frontal lobe .The right of the cerebellum is the temporal lobe which has a special area called the auditory cortex which specializes in hearing . The Occipital lobe which is at the far back of the occipital lobe , is the visual cortex and it receives information from the ees and specializes in vision.
The Cerebellum is located at the back of the brain , under the occipital and temporal lobes of the cereral cortex . and contains about 50% of the neurons in the brain and has been nicknamed the motor structure of the brain, due to the fact that a damaged cerebellum affects motor control and posture .The cerebellum performs the following functions
• Maintains Balance and Posture
• Coordination of voluntary movement
• Motor Learning
• Cognitive functions
The Cerebellum is built from four different types of neurons which include granule cells, Purkinje cells and two types of inhibitory interneurons (Golgi cells and basket cells)
The Brain Stem is on the bottom of the brain and is between the deeply rooted structures of the cerebral hemisphere and the cervical spinal cord. It is split into three sections or departments ,...

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