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Brain And Mental Illness: Major Depressive Disorder

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Brain and Mental Illness: Major Depressive Disorder
Living with the disorder as Major Depression (MDD) is hard to address if individuals do not find positive ways in which to manage their depression, like receiving professional assistance or simply motivating themselves, for example, hearing music motivate. In this paper, presenting the case study of Jayden Wyler (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014), causes and how he is coping with his symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder among other Biological aspects.
According to (2014),
Major depressive disorder classified as a mood disorder in which people have periods of hopelessness and sadness that last for more than 2 weeks and don't appear to have a specific cause (although this varies). This is more than "having the blues" but is a period of intense psychological pain that includes hopelessness, feeling worthless, loss of pleasure in things that previously were pleasurable, etc. (para. 1)
Case Study
Jayden Wyler (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014) lives with his three siblings, an uncle and his mother in a four bedroom house. He shared room with his older brother. The father’s involvement is nonexistent since he was 4 years old. His mother used to workovernight and Uncle works during the day when they are in school. Jayden’s mother never failed in always giving him hugs and kisses as well as telling him that she loved him. Jayden (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014) mentions, “My mother always asked how is your day and is there anything you need help with but I always responded I am fine and everything is okay.” Jayden’s mother wanted to be there for him, but he never expressed his feeling or his troubles to her. Even though his mother never has been diagnosed, she has lived with depression since she was 13 years old after her father’s death.
Jayden (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014) was 11 years old when all the bullying began. The same boys bullied him from elementary until his freshman year in high school. They would use mean phrases to him such as “go kill yourself,” “nobody wants you here,” “you are fat and ugly,” and “your mom or your family do not love you” those boys would articulate those cruel terminologies to Jayden. Jayden (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014) began believing what was being said. For years Jayden (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014) felt hopeless, guilty, worthless, anxious, a burden to his family and had suicidal thoughts.
Jayden (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014) self-coping skills were to hear music and keep his feeling to himself. He began cutting himself and having suicidal thoughts. When Jayden’s mother found out that he was cutting himself, she went to get counseling assistance. Jayden (anonymous, personal communication, April 06, 2014) is improving with the help of his mother, hearing music and having Community Based...

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