Brains Not Like Ours: A Proposal On Serial Killers

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Brains Not Like Ours: A Proposal on Serial Killers
The mind is such a beautiful, complex, and most times compassionate being, except for the times that it is not quite so beautiful and not quite so compassionate. A serial killer for example has a brain just like you and I, but instead of obeying their surroundings and having a general respect for others, these serial killers in fact kill. While most of society may label these killers as crazy and brush off any other causes for their actions other than their pure evilness, I feel differently. What if the part of the “average” persons brain that deals with their feelings of anger is a little “off” in the serial killers brains. What if serial killers are “wired” differently? Through my research I plan to investigate the brain of a serial killer and prove that these “murder’s” brains are not the same as my own.
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In order to ensure I am following the guidelines of the paper I plan to read the section of Read, Reason, Write, that have to do with research papers as well as the sections on argument. I know that there are many different types of arguments and I plan to research all the different types of argument strategies and use the types that will fit my topic and research the best way possible. I also know that logical fallacies are an important issue when it comes to argument. In an attempt to avoid logical fallacies I will also inform myself on the different types of these fallacies and thoroughly edit my paper to rid it of them.
After I am fully aware of the strategies of argument it will then be time to apply the best fit strategies to my research in order to write a comprehensive research essay. Through my research I have identified five sources of information. These sources include “What Would We Find Wrong in the Brain of a Serial Killer”, “The Making and Breaking of the Serial Killer”, “Brain of the Intellect vs. Brain of the Serial Killer”, “A Neuroscientist Uncovers a Dark Secret”, and “Psychopaths: Born Evil or Born with a Diseased Brain”. Each source provides different valuable information to my argument. I plan to take the strengths of each article along with the main points and informative facts to present the evidence to support the claim that serial killers brains are constructed differently than the average human’s brains. I also plan to use the example of Brian Dugan a serial killer who is discussed in the article “Psychopaths: Born Evil or Born with a Diseased Brain”. The research articles I have chosen will help me to prove that serial killers brains are made up differently by providing me with textual evidence.
While most do not even question the likelihood that serial killers are not plain evil, I plan to write an informative and accurate argumentative research paper that proves to the public that those who repeatedly commit murders have a different brain makeup than the average person. My thorough research and plethora of academic sources and strategies will convince my readers that I am correct, thus informing the public of the differences of the brains of serial killers.

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